Padkix Panties: An Honest, Unbiased Review

A few months ago, you couldn’t browse Facebook without seeing ads for Padkix: Periods of Happiness everywhere. They were so popular, they sent several pairs to several news outlet for review – allowing Padkix to successfully back their fifth project in late 2015 with 3,331 backers for a total of $224,104.

Here is a complete, thourough of the panties that were sent in the project Periods of Happiness and of Padkix.

The Panty

Let’s get this out of the way. The panty is completely, utterly, disastrous. As a seamstress I can recognize when I am paying for quality and when I’ve been sold bullshit. Padkix is selling bullshit.

The panty that was shown in the popular Buzzfeed appeared to be a blend of cotton. Padkix stated that this version of the panty was not used in the end as it was “too silky”. While no information on the materials used was provided, my best guest is that both fabrics used for the panty are a mix of lycra and nylon… Unfortunately, it’s not as soft and comfortable as one would have hoped for.

Because of the fabric choices, it barely stretches…

The biggest issue hundreds backers had was with sizing. Padkix claimed that their panties were comparable in size to Hanes Hipster Panties and displayed a size chart… that was 3 size too small. In actuality, because the panties barely stretch due to the fabric layers, they are barely able to cover my butt while remaining on my hips… Rendering them very uncomfortable to wear.

Leakage? eeeeeek!

On the odd day that I’m not feeling too bloated and somehow manage to wear these, I found that they are unfortunatly not as absorbant as they were hyped up to be. Even on small flow days, I found leakage on the sides, in the bias tape. The pad appears to be the same material all over, unlike your traditional pad that has various materials that trap liquid in the middle to prevent leakage. The pad on the Padkix panties feels like… you are stuffing a sponge covered in fleece down your pants and praying for the best.

Nope. Just no. 👎

Padkix: the disaster of a company

The first thing that you need to know about me is that I’m very familiar with Kickstarter. I’ve backed many project – both successes and complete flops. My biggest propblem with Padkix is that it is an established company using Kickstarter’s platform in order to avoir responsibility when their products fail. For those not familiar with Kickstarter – you are not paying for a product. You are support the launch of product that is in the prototype stages. Padkix Design Lab is an established compnay that has had numerous Kickstarters for the same product.

On all of their past kickstarters, you will find the same complaints. The panties are poorly designed, poorly packaged, no washing instructions are sent, the sizes are completely off… and Padkix stops replying to comments after a certain amount of time and moves on to another project.

This time around, Padkix did offer size exchange… however, customer had to pay for the shipping cost. After some outrage on the Kickstarter page, Padkix offered an extra panty for those who sent they package in for size exchange but many international backers as myself deemed it not fair and cost efficient to do so. Padkix also declined requests for partial refunds (no surprise there).

All in all, Padkix is a miserable company, making a defective prodcut over and over. They do not and should not get your money.

When it comes to period underwear, there are way better options out there.

Wet n Wild Brushes: Youtube Made Me Buy It!


Hello pretty pretty pink brushes! How could I resist? These were all over Youtube and Instagram!

When my friend Melanie from Mini Neko was in Atlanta for business, I couldn’t help to ask her to get these brushes for me! These brushes have been annoyingly rare in Canada – I have been to 5 walmarts and couldn’t find them. Melanie was kind enough to get me nearly the whole Wet N Wild brush line! She picked up for me;


  •  The Foundation Brush
  •  The Fan Brush
  •  The Large Stipple Brush
  •  The Small Stipple Brush
  •  The Blush Brush
  •  The Flat Top Brush
  •  The Powder Brush
  •  The Contour Brush
  •  The Large Concealer Brush
  •  The Small Concealer Brush
  •  The Small Eyeshadow Brush
  •  The Crease Brush
  •  The Large Eyeshadow Brush
  •  The Angles Liner Brush
  •  The Smoky Liner Brush

Woof… that’s a lot of brushes!

I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth these brushes were – when you think cheap and nice makeup brushes, you don’t think Wet n Wild! These brushes are a great addition to my collection!

The brushes are a great buy! I really have no complaints for these aside that some of the fluffier brushes, like the Blush and Powder brush did shed slightly when I washed them but nothing bad. Other than that – the brushes are amazing. They feel great in my hand, not to heavy, not to light and the ferrule feels study.

I particularly liked the Smoky Liner and the Crease brush! These are as good as some of my Sephora Pro brushes… at the fraction of the cost and way cuter!

I am absolutely in love with the Fan brush! I’m channeling Tati here and I am loving using this to apply highlighter. Some might prefer a denser brush but since I like to apply my highlighter sparingly, this brush is perfect!

I also love how sparse the two Stipple brushes are! Some would prefer a dense and stiff stipple brush… I don’t.

The Powder and Blush brush are fine. They are not special but they are not bad. I am not sure I will be drawn to using these over my Real Techniques brushes… However if you don’t have any powder or blush brushes, the Wet n Wild brushes are a good option.

Overall – these brushes are worth the hype and I’m so glad I own all of these! More importantly, these are vegan, cruelty-free and all synthetic brushes! I love cruelty-free beauty so this is a win!

All that is missing is availability in Canada 😉 Alright, Wet n Wild? <3



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