What’s in my purse

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time now and here it is! What is in my purse! For a while, I’ve been using this Well Acquainted bag from JustFab I like it since it quite large and I’m able to carry a lot of things in it! Here’s all the stuff I need for work; my glasses,… Read more →


New hair regimen

* Disclaimer: While my blog is often a source for pink hair advice – this post discusses taking dietary supplements. Before making the decision to take any of the mentioned supplements, please check with your doctor Well it’s not a secret that I chopped my hair off last summer. And once again in November…. however how I am suffering from… Read more →


Zatanna Zatara – Construction Notes

I’ve been a fan of Zatanna for a long time. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the first comic book characters I feel in love with: she so witty, smart, strong and intelligent. I’m so proud to say I own all 16 volumes of her series + and the alternate covers ! I’m not much of a collector but when… Read more →


Katsucon 2015

Ever since MCC ended – I have been looking forward to Katsucon, like a child looks forward to Christmas. With Aree, Lolipuff and Vilya, we started planning our trip months ago. This time around, we chose to drive in (instead of flying in) and to stay extra days to accommodate our long travel hours. We arrived on Thursday night, after nearly… Read more →


How to cosplay as a group

Recently, I was asked this question and I realized how complex the answer was. You can cosplay with your friends or with strangers but either way… it can either be a great experience or it can be a train wreck. Here are a few things you need to know before you sign yourself up for a group cosplay… Accept that… Read more →

ONE_8111 (1)

White Canary

White Canary was a bit of a last minute project. I’ve been reading Birds of Prey for a long time and I’ve been wanting to cosplay Black Canary for a long time. The only thing is, when I do, I want to cosplay Black Canary’s new 52 outfit, as the original is really popular at conventions. Recently, Aree and I… Read more →

Cosplay & Talent

Is it talent? I’m quite lucky. I have a really cool job in real life. Ever since I dropped out of college (oops, did I forget to blog about this? maybe I will later), I’ve realized how much I love my job and how much I love my coworkers. I am blessed with coworkers who are creative and who embrace… Read more →


Otakuthon 2014 – Con report

Here it is, the annual Otakuthon. This convention feels like home and has always held a special place in my heart since it was the first convention I attended back in 2006. This year, you could feel how much Otakuthon has grown has the staff and organizers clearly did not expect the high number of attendants which reflected in a… Read more →


Drakenguard Zero Sword – Construction Notes

It’s no secret that at Otakuthon, I was part of a great Drakenguard 3 group. My friend Geraldine (Gebgeb Cosplay), who was cosplaying Zero, had her work cut out for her: not only was she cosplaying Zero, she was also part of our Eternal Sailor Moon… as Eternal Sailor Moon. In July, it was clear that time was running and… Read more →


Three Construction Notes (Ver. 1)

Three, from the video-game Drakenguard 3, is my most ambitious cosplay. The idea of cosplaying this came from Mao-chan, last year. She is a BIG FAN of the series for a long time. When the new game was announced and the character design was slowly revealed, she started lookling into forming a group. I jumped on the occasion: it looked… Read more →