A room without books is like a body without a soul

Now, I’ve got the books covered but my computer gave up on life Thursday night and my room feels quite empty at the moment. I was able to e tract my hard drive and I have a back up of my files but its infuriating to come home late at night from a long day at work and school to a dead motherboard… Sigh

Good news is that I’ve already ordered a new computer and should receive it in 2 weeks! In the meantime, I thought it my be cool to show you all how redecorating my room is coming along! We are still finishing up so I will probably make a video when it’s done πŸ™‚


I absolutely adore this best. It has drawers, yay more storage clothes space!
The lamp is fell in love with! IT’S NOW MINE!
New closet doors and more rods for more storage clothes!

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  • omg I originally wanted a chandelier but that would have required removing my ceiling fan and I didn’t want to πŸ™

  • thank you! I think you could easily replicate it if you’re good with crafts!

  • omg you should, it will change your life!

  • thank you! I think it’s my favorite piece so far!

  • thank you! they’re from IKEA ;D

  • Meru

    the lamp is so pretty, I have a similar chandelier in my bedroom and I love it, I wish I had a lamp like that too =]

  • Your room looks so cute! <3 <3 And I'm completely in love with your lamp!! (o*____*o) so prettyyyy~ #jellyforlife XD

  • Wahhhhh, it’s so cute! I should add in my rods to my closet so I can have extra clothes space XD

  • Your lamp is super nice! : D I love it!!!

  • Your room looks lovely and I adore your bed sheets!! :O