Anime North 2014 convention report



It’s that time of the year! Anime North!

Truth be told, if you had asked me last year, I would have told you that I was done with Anime North, that I was never coming back. To be honest, I had a bad time last year and it was unfair to leave my last impression of a convention based on personal events. Slowly, during the year, friends started talking me into coming and managed to convince Mao-chan and I to come pretty much to the last minute!

Then it was time to decide what to wear; I don’t think a lot of cosplayers write about their thought process when choosing their cosplay line up but here goes. I didn’t want to wear Bulma so close to Katsucon since I had already got so many pictures of that cosplay. Daenerys was out of the question: long dress in a parking lot? hahahahaha no. There was Tiki and my friends were doing a FE:A group but I knew conflict would arise if I wore that so even after remaking my wig, I was back to the drawing board, with less than a month to Anime North.

I had been slowly working on Three from Drakenguard 3 since November so I decided to pick up the pace and attempt to finish a beta version of that cosplay: Mao-chan, Vickybunnyangel, MeltingMirror and I will be debuting our group at Otakuthon so this is a great time to test run all that crazy armour! For the other days, I opted for Ymir from Attack on Titan and Ai Shindou from Beyond the Boundary as a back up.


With all that ready, Mao-chan, her boyfriend and I left on friday for Toronto. When we got to our hotel, I changed as fast as I could into my Ymir cosplay: luckily I has been practicing putting on those stupid straps so getting ready only took about 30-45 mins… as opposed to the usual 3 hours XD We met with friends and eventually got separated, as it tends to happen a lot during conventions. I shot with X110291 and we then headed to Kitsurie and Yume‘s room where they were shooting with Ray Lum. I ended up assisting them with the shoot until midnight. When I got to my room, Mao-chan and I worked on her Nui wig and finally headed to bed.
Saturday was a long day! It took us a while to get ready but we somehow made it to be convention around 12:00 and met our friends! Again, we got separated quickly, Mao-chan both had shoots all over the place XD I ended up shooting with White Specs Photography, Eleventh Photograph, X110291 and Don Dolce Photography. I would mention with whom I hung out during the whole day but honestly… it’s all a blur now haha I did help Eddie while he was shooting Coshalfnaked and somehow ended up in a pimp shot and then in a “romantic shot” with Grey… I can hear the heart shatters already… In any case, I got a horrible sunburn that day (my skin is peeling as I’m writing D: ) so around 6:30 I was done! I headed back to my hotel, showered and headed to Deltaree’s hotel for a shoot with Lillychiyo – 綸利治陽 with out lovely  Ray Lum. We had a lot of fun… I think we have a lot more derp shots than good shots XD

IMG_0302 copy

Finally, on Sunday… I was in no cosplay mood. My whole buddy hurt and my hair looked like shit from being in a wig cap all week-end so I pulled a “Sachie cosplay”. 10/10 would do it again haha. I had fun walking around, taking pictures of beautiful cosplayers (having only a portray lens on my camera… derp) and buying A BAG OF ALPACAS HAHAHAHA. It was a nice day to relax, catch up with the friends I hadn’t seen during the convention yet.

Truth be told, I was sad to leave on Sunday. I arrived Friday with have no expectations for this convention and ended up not wanting to leave. Anime North might be parking con but it’s also a lot of fun and a lot of friends so you will see me again next year <3




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