Anime North

Picture by RS Photography
I just came back from Anime North and had a really fun time! Last time I was at Anime North, I was 17 or 18, and there was a lot of drama. So I was a little bit apprehensive going again since I did not have a great time when I first attended. I planned the trip for my friends and I too and we ended up having fun 🙂
I cosplayed the character Miss Fortune from League of Legends on Friday and Saturday, keeping it simple with only one cosplay for the week-end. I will blog more in details about the cosplay itselt later but about the convention itself, there is nothing more complicated than having more than one cosplay when you are not home and when you have large props! It was really windy too so my wig was a mess after only a few hours and my hat broke too so I had to hand-sew it back… At first, I thought everything was going to be a disaster!
I also met a lot of nice people, such as Ray Lum and met fellow cosplayers Sachie et VickyBunnyAngel 🙂 and made new friends like such as Gabriel (cosplaying Twisted Fate in the picture above!) Lyena, Vincent and much more!
Finally, one of the memorable things I did was a live stream for Crunchyroll! There was a booth streaming for their website and I ended up staying there for over an hour since everyone on the other side was so nice. It was a lot of fun!
There is also this thing about conventions where you discover who your real friends are. Conventions have this light-shedding effect on personal relations something and it had that effect on some of my friends. A friend really disappointed me… oh well, these things happen?
Picture by Dan Tran
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  • Gen

    ugh, that was me!

  • Gen

    That would be a wise thing to do 😀 That skin looks pretty cool too.

  • I realized after I published my comment my derp XD faiiiiiil
    I’m thinking of doing of MF Road Warrior cosplay so I can use the same wig again but without curling it 8D

  • Gen

    Thanks! I was Snow White though 😀
    Long and curly are pretty much the worst to maintain since you have to redo the curls after untangling. I’m just lazy so I tend to avoid those hahahah

  • thank you 😀 your Belle was amazing! I’m sad I didn’t see you there, only saw pictures after 🙁

    my wig was a total mess, it had to me straighten once it was detangled. Thank god it’s from Arda because it’s not damaged or anything 🙂 I’ll have to redo the curls again tho ^^

  • Josyanne Maheu

    Got the same issues with a friend in AN in 2009. This convention is doomed for me, maybe because it’s so far away from MTL that you feel so vulnerable 🙁 I hope i’ll be able to go next year or in 2 years :’D

  • the local scene is ok, but I guess you can ask anywhere “is the local scene prone to drama here?” and everywhere, people will tell you YES! It’s just human nature, you know?

  • I love your costume *o* Definitely one of the best LoL cosplays I’ve seen so far (Twisted Fate on the first picture looks great too!)
    Too bad you’ve had some trouble with other people 🙁 I’ve only been to two conventions so far and both went quite well, but from what I heard the local cosplay scene here can be pretty… prone to drama so to say .__.
    Well anyway! Sounds like you had a good time nonetheless? ^^ I’m looking forward to the cosplay blogpost!

  • Your costume skills are freaking amazing!!


  • Here’s a tip: start working on it ASAP and make a “work schedule”! also, as soon as pre-registration is available, register for the convention and get off from work. That way, in your mind you are like ” well, I already have a cosplay I’m working on, I bought my badge, I got the days off from work….I cannot NOT go!” hehehe that’s what I do 😉

  • thank you! had a lot of fun 🙂

  • It’s sad because I had planned a small trip and it grew big because my planning was good and I found good deals… larger groups tend to bring more drama I guess? I think next time I travel for conventions, I will either stay on my own or with just one really good friend!

  • I tell myself every year I want to cosplay and go to anime north but some how I ALWAYS forget then see people going and get super upset and jealous! WAAAAAAHHH I AM SO JEALOUS GIRL!!!!!! >.< You look sexy in your cosplay! Sounds like it was a great success! I HAVE to start a cosplay and for sure remember to go next year.

  • Eva

    Your cosplay is so awesome! it’s good that you had a fun time ^^

  • You all look fantastic! Cons definitely have a way of showing differents sides of the people you’re close to; I’ve been staying with different people the past two conventions I’ve been to and have missed all the drama.