Shmuberry, on the left, as White Canary. Black Canary is cosplayed by Deltaree

My name is Marie Frédérique but I usually go by the name of Fred or Shmuberry. I’m a blogger and a cosplayer but most of the time I’m full-time certified technician. I repair things, woohoo!

My interests are cuisine, blogging, fashion, cosplay and travelling. I have travelled to Cuba, Dominican Republic, United States of America, France, England and South Korea.

I love my dogs Pixel and Mr Bojangles!  I also love anything that’s cute and fluffy. I enjoy reading classics, caramel macchiatos and black coffee, investigation/crime documentaries and the colour blue. I’m crazy about sloths and my dream is to hold one in my arms one day!

I’m also obsessed with Alpacas!


Height: 173cm
Weight: 116 lbs
Eyes: blue
Hair color: dark blonde. before that my hair was pink!
Nationality: French Canadian
Fluent language: French and English


I started blogging seriously when I moved to France in 2009 in order to work for Relais & Chateaux. It was a way to keep in touch with my family and my friends and to update them on the life I was living there. That blog still exists but has since moved here since September 2009.

When I came back from France, blogging had become a habit and I simply kept doing it because it was fun; it became an outlet for me to express myself and talk about the things I cared about.

My blog doesn’t particularly have a theme and has often been labelled a “Lifestyle blog”. I like to talk about whatever I want to talk about, without restricting myself to a theme, a type of blogging that is more common in Asia. Therefore, you will find posts about cosplay, fashion, food, make-up, travelling and sometimes… full blown rants… because I can! haha


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Twitter: @shmuberry