Being the bad guy

Some time ago I had a huge fight with a friend and one thing she said to me and to other people is that the only reason I was trying so hard to fix our friendship was so that I wouldn’t be perceived as a “bad person”. That really hurt me and really got me thinking.
Our issues weren’t about how people perceived me (I couldn’t give a fuck about how people perceived me lol) but than again I do not liked to be misunderstood. So I was trying so hard to get my point across to her, telling her how I felt, how what she said or what she had done had hurt me. I’m known for telling the truth; I may say unpleasant things at time but they are for a good reason and they are the truth as I see it. I was hoping that maybe, she would see that I was just trying to make her understand that I was feeling the same way she was feeling too.
In the end, nobody wants to be perceived as a bad person. I like to believe that people are inherently good and that we can chose the behaviours that affect the perceptions of others. In my case, I wanted her to understand me, does that make me a bad person?
Now I’ve lost a friend I’ve cherished for a long time, she thinks and tells people I’m a bad person. It keeps resonating in my head,sigh, it’s all so hurtful 🙁


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  • Mii_1377

    If u need someone to talk to! u can call me whenever! <3

  • Pascale Lamoureux

    I can relate, but you cant make people listen when they don’t want to, the important thing is that you tried ♥ there is no bad or good people there is just what we make of it and alot of misentepreatation. In the end Ill stick with what dr seus said : those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind ♥

  • Pascale Lamoureux

    the important thing is that you tried darling. And if she didn’t its unfortunate but that’s how life goes and it’s never fair or easy ♥ the importance is that you keep being true and you keep trying ♥
    As doctor seus said : Those who mind don’t matter and those you matter don’t mind. Keep it up~