Wet n Wild Brushes: Youtube Made Me Buy It!


Hello pretty pretty pink brushes! How could I resist? These were all over Youtube and Instagram!

When my friend Melanie from Mini Neko was in Atlanta for business, I couldn’t help to ask her to get these brushes for me! These brushes have been annoyingly rare in Canada – I have been to 5 walmarts and couldn’t find them. Melanie was kind enough to get me nearly the whole Wet N Wild brush line! She picked up for me;


  •  The Foundation Brush
  •  The Fan Brush
  •  The Large Stipple Brush
  •  The Small Stipple Brush
  •  The Blush Brush
  •  The Flat Top Brush
  •  The Powder Brush
  •  The Contour Brush
  •  The Large Concealer Brush
  •  The Small Concealer Brush
  •  The Small Eyeshadow Brush
  •  The Crease Brush
  •  The Large Eyeshadow Brush
  •  The Angles Liner Brush
  •  The Smoky Liner Brush

Woof… that’s a lot of brushes!

I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth these brushes were – when you think cheap and nice makeup brushes, you don’t think Wet n Wild! These brushes are a great addition to my collection!

The brushes are a great buy! I really have no complaints for these aside that some of the fluffier brushes, like the Blush and Powder brush did shed slightly when I washed them but nothing bad. Other than that – the brushes are amazing. They feel great in my hand, not to heavy, not to light and the ferrule feels study.

I particularly liked the Smoky Liner and the Crease brush! These are as good as some of my Sephora Pro brushes… at the fraction of the cost and way cuter!

I am absolutely in love with the Fan brush! I’m channeling Tati here and I am loving using this to apply highlighter. Some might prefer a denser brush but since I like to apply my highlighter sparingly, this brush is perfect!

I also love how sparse the two Stipple brushes are! Some would prefer a dense and stiff stipple brush… I don’t.

The Powder and Blush brush are fine. They are not special but they are not bad. I am not sure I will be drawn to using these over my Real Techniques brushes… However if you don’t have any powder or blush brushes, the Wet n Wild brushes are a good option.

Overall – these brushes are worth the hype and I’m so glad I own all of these! More importantly, these are vegan, cruelty-free and all synthetic brushes! I love cruelty-free beauty so this is a win!

All that is missing is availability in Canada 😉 Alright, Wet n Wild? <3



Love Flush Blush Wardrobe – Quick Review

Oh hey! Look it’s a makeup review! We haven’t had one of those in quite a while!

I recently was on sick leave for a few weeks… it’s really boring being sick. What is a girl to do in her bed?? Play with makeup and renew my friendship with Sephora is one of the many things I did~ Obviously when I heard that Too Faced was releasing a limited edition palette of their hyped blushes, I had to have it!


I like pretty things~ I seized this occasion to FINALLY get a Chocolate Bar. Yum!

The palette includes all 6 popular Love Blush in a convenient palette. Each heart shaped pan includes 0.07 oz of product, comparatively to 0.21 oz of the individual blushes.

I particularly like Love Hangover, Baby Love, How Deep is Your Love ? and Your Love is King – I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing those quite often as they are easy to apply, blend and smell very nice 🙂

I haven’t tested the claim that these last for 16 hours but these have been thoroughly reviewed before… and the consensus is that they are indeed long-wearing.

FullSizeRender 2

Overall I really like this palette and I’m really glad I got it! My only beef with it, and this is just a personal peeve… is the packaging. I dislike cardstock palettes. When compared to other Too Faced palettes that are similar in prices, I feel like Too Faced could have done better with this one.

Still, I’m happy with the product and the colours and my personal peeve with cardstock is not going to make me return this lovely palette.


What’s in my purse

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time now and here it is!

What is in my purse!


For a while, I’ve been using this Well Acquainted bag from JustFab 🙂 I like it since it quite large and I’m able to carry a lot of things in it!

IMG_0029Here’s all the stuff I need for work; my glasses, some vinegar wipes to clean my shoes, a t-shirt and a pouch. The pouch contains some random cables, keys and whatnot that I need for work. Instead of having them just being a mess in my purse, they are in this cute little pouch from Forever 21 🙂

IMG_0030Then of course you have the essentials. Wallet, with your boring cards. Mini wallet – which contains my business cards and subway pass. Keys (home, work, David’s Tea card, emergency tag) and my meds!

IMG_0035And finally the fun stuff! I like to carry around my new Instax Mini 8 and a packet of extra film. I also never leave the house with hand moisturizer (my colleagues are probably sick of me offering moisturizer… oops), lipbalm and a water bottle.

Not pictured is your usual change, receipts, rescued bobby pins and random papers… I actually did take a picture but yeah… not worth posting XD

My friend Julia asked me on Twitter what were my favourite Lush products… honestly, 180 characters are not enough to talk about my favourite products considering how Lush crazy I am!

Why I love Lush so much?

I could tell you about all that amazing vegan and eco-friendly stuff that have going on… but you already know that. The reason why I like their products so much is because the fragrances are nice. Simple as that. I’m also REALLY picky about customer service and there’s nothing more annoying then a pushy sales person; every time I walk into Lush and ask for help, I feel like I’m hanging out with my best friend and just talking about beauty products. It’s silly, but it’s extremely important to me!

Bubble bars

Lush is really popular for their bath bombs but I’m really into their bubble bars! I like to take bubble baths while watching Netflix in my iPad! Bath bombs are a one time use kind of products whereas bubble bars, you don’t have to put the whole bar at once. Protip: I like to use a pair of scissors to cut a bit of product every time I want to take a bath! My favourites are; The Comforter, Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds, Superstar (unavailable?) Candy Mountain (available during the holidays) and Christmas Eve (available during the holidays).
The Comforter and Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds (pictures from

Massage bars

I mentioned before that my left arm is weird and how I have to constantly massage it so it doesn’t hurt as much. I like to use their massage bars for that: helps relieve pain in my muscles AND smells so nice. Boyfriend associate their scent to me as I use them instead of perfurme! My favourites are; Shimmy Shimmy ( but I wished their also made a non glitter version of this one! ), Hottie and Tender Is The Heart.

Tender Is The Heart (picture from

Hair & Others

Daddyo? Daddyo. Daddyo! You have blonde hair? Use this. You have crazy funky hair colour and you hate it when your bleached yellow tones start peaking through? Use this. That is all. Daddyo. Dry lips (damn you winter)… Mint Julips to the rescue! Given you could probably find a DIY version on this product online, I like how this tastes like mint instead of Olive oil…plus you can eat it once you’re done scrubbing your lips!
Daddyo and Mint Julips (pictures from

I’ve also just received other products so I don’t have an opinion on those yet but I’m looking forward to trying out their solids soaps; Snowcake, Mr Punch, Queen of Hearts and Snow Globe (available during the holidays)!
Snowcake and Mr Punch (pictures from
What are some of your favourite Lush products? I’m always looking to try different products 🙂

Freshmen Dundee

Being back to school is nice and starting college all over but being older this time around is definitely interesting.

Since last week, I’ve observed something quite funny: how freshmen run to each other to become friends as soon as possible so that they are not alone. I don’t mean casually talking to someone and gradually becoming friends but really those who will attach themselves to the first person they talk to.

I don’t know why, but I find it funny because I’m a bit of an asocial in class: I sit in my corner, talk when only I find it necessary to and if I can, I avoid team work, it’s much more easier to work on your own~

I have a few friends that I already know from before so that’s cool with me, I don’t really feel this urgent need to make new friends… besides… I’ve been spending most of my time in the library… sleeping XD


Oh wait? Outfit of the day?

I’ve been saying that I will posting outfits… and from now on, I’ll try to post everyday!!

This is actually from yesterday… I’m a SNSD fan and I like Jessica’s style and I’ve been searching for a sweater like hers from the Oh! music video… and I spotted one at Forever 21 the other day. I don’t usually buy from F21… I noticed that in order to keep their clothes nice looking you have to hand wash everything wish is a bit of an hassle for a lazy person like me XD

Maybe one day… I’ll give the high waist shorts a try 🙂

Circle lenses: EOS Candy Color Blue

EOS’ new Candy Color are probably the hottest lenses released recently! Even Tsubasa is wearing them in her promotional pictures for Dolly Wink! MukuCHU,kindly sent me a pair of Blue Candy Color to test them and here is what I thought of these lenses.


I sure can! =D


Disclaimer: These lenses were sponsored by mukuCHU, however this review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: This time again, EOS proved that they make really comfortable lenses. I was a bit worried at first because even though it’s a 14.5mm lenses, they look much bigger so I was worried they would be less comfortable but it wasn’t the case at all.

Enlargement: Even though these lenses have the same diameter as the Dizon eyes, the enlargement is amazing!

Design: I have to admit, I was a bit scared when I got these lenses… I’ve been saying in my past reviews that I liked lenses that had a gradient pattern because they would blend easily in my eye color for a more natural style. However, Idlfvt’s kinda the opposite with the Candy Color. The dark rim is REALLY thick and REALLY bold while the color pattern is concentrated near the black rim with a little bit of fading towards the middle of the lens. Against the odds… I actually LOVE these lenses!! Because the color is soooo pigmented, it boosts my natural eye color and the dark rim really completes the dolly eye effect.

I even have to admit that these, lenses really give a manga-eye type of look! I think they would be especially great for cosplayers!

I hope you enjoyed this review! I’ll be posting another review in a few days on EOS Pure in Gray. In the meantime, please don’t mind my camwhoring



Circle lenses: my favorite pair!

I own a bunch of circles and my favorite so far is EOS G201 Grey…also known as the Leah Dizon circle lenses =3

Color/ Design: They blend so nicely with my blue eyes! I love the thick dark ring~
Enlargement: They make my eyes look a bit bigger then other circle lenses but to a decent level; I don’t like having alien eyes.
Comfort: Quite comfortable, wore them for 6 hours and only needed drops at the end. I have dry eyes so whenever I wear contacts, it’s better for me to be in a humid place. I always carry drops with me =)