How to get started with 3D printing for cosplay

shmunatri-1Aside from Mass Effect, Aree, Nathan and I share a love for 3D printing!
Photographed by Theorem Productions

I’ve decided to write this short guide for my friends (and strangers) who are curious about 3D printing but have no idea where to start. I’m writing this to answer the most frequent question I get these days:

“How do I get a cosplay prop 3D printed?”

I will spare you the “when I started 3D printing, barely anyone was” story and we’ll get right to what you need to know and do.

First, you need a model. Not the Victoria Secret kind but the 3D kind. If you are able to model things yourself – amazing! I envy you… I will not go into the details of that because I only did a 3-hour course on Blender and lost patience… But yeah, you need something like this:

img_0042Tali’s helmet, modelled by Wilbert Pierce Design

If it is something common or popular, you might be able to find it on: Thingiverse, TF3DM, Pinshape, Yeggi, MyMiniFactory, Autodesk123D, Sketchfab… there are dozens more so here is a convenient list from ALL3DP!

Pay attention to the licence details – if you intend to use someone else’s model, to print it and to use it for cosplay, make sure you are crediting the original modeller. If you intend to use a 3D printed object for commercial use, such as guest appearances, print sales and more, make sure the licence allows for commercial use! If you are not sure, get in touch with the modeller – they are nice people.

Now, sometimes you can’t find the model that you need, with the licence that you would like. In that case, you need something custom! I’ve only ever dealt with Wilbert Pierce Design for my cosplay needs but there are thousands of modellers out there available for commission work. A lot of 3D printing hubs will also do modelling work. Make sure you supply your modeller with as many reference pictures as possible.

img_2097The second time Katniss’s breastplate was printed – Made in 3D

Once you’ve secured your model, preferably an STL file format, you want to print it! If you know someone with a 3D printer, ask them nicely. If not, this is what 3DHubs is for! It allows you to upload your model and find print bureaus near you. 3DHubs will show you quote for various bureaus as well as printing with different materials.

  • ABS: generally the cheapest, you can use acetone on it to get rid of the lines. It has a tendency to warp or curl.
  • PLA: generally a little pricier than ABS (but not a lot). You can’t use acetone to get rid of the lines. However, it is more accurate when printing things have a lot of details or sharp corners since it has no warping or curling issues.

There are a lot of fun materials in 3D printing but trust me, for cosplay, ABS and PLA are the ones you will most likely stick to.

img_0629Hold up – did you think there was no sanding with 3D printing?

Once you have your print (woohoo!), your work is not done yet. Unfortunately, there are still lot of people who believe 3D printed parts are perfect the moment they come out of the printer. For the most part, that is not accurate. Until recently, 3D printing was used as a prototyping technique. Applying it for cosplay requires a little bit of adjustments and love.

And by love I mean priming and sanding. You want to get rid of those layer lines as much as possible. If you printed with ABS, you can also use acetone to smooth everything out.

img_1208A print of a M-6 Carniflex after a bath of cold acetone vapour.

And voila! This is what you need to know when you start 3D printing. We could go on about filament choices, nozzles sizes and priming techniques… however when you are starting out – this is what you need to know.

Models pictured by Wilbert Pierce Design and Jessthemullet

The Cosplayer’s Kit: Makeup Essentials!


Convention season is just around the corner and it’s time to freshen up those cosplay makeup kits! Luckily, your friendly Shmoo is here with a few recommendations – all thanks to her makeup addiction !


I could dedicate a whole post just about my favourite eyeliners…  but today, let’s keep it simple with liquid eyeliners!

When you need a very fine and precise line, K-Palette’s 1 DAY TATTOO Real Lasting WP Waterproof is a winner. I love how this eyeliner is very long lasting and includes a fiber brush!

Also straight from Japan, if we are talking eyeliner, KOJI’s Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black deserves a hurray! It is one of the very few eyeliners I have continuously purchased over the years because of its formula and its fiber brush. While it isn’t waterproof, it is water resistant and if you use a base and set it correctly, this puppy will last a very long convention day!

A little closer from home, a very popular eyeliner that I have also re-purchased several times is Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner. Formulated to be waterproof, this great eyeliner is also free of animal-derived ingredients and is not tested on animals. Yay for cruelty-free makeup!

Finally, to round things up, Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is the only eyeliner with a felt tip that I like. Also, of all the eyeliner mentioned… it is the only one available in various colours. Hey you, you need green eyeliner for a Jojo cosplay? No problem, Stila has your back! I particularly love their Jet Black eyeliner as it is the deepest black of all of the eyeliners on this list!

Eyeshadows & Palettes 

God help me for I am obsessed with palettes… but let’s be real here. Most cosplayers don’t need 32 eyeshadow palettes! If you stick with neutral colours, you’ll be fine! Here are a few palettes to consider adding to your kit this season that… hopefully… won’t break the bank!

If your Target hasn’t up and left you, check out Sonia Kashuk’s Eye Couture palette. Available in both matte and shimmer, this palette has all the neutral tones you need to make your eyes pop – without breaking the bank. If you are Canadian… continue cursing Target.

Don’t worry Canadians – tons of brands and stores haven’t left us. Like NYC, available pretty much everywhere! They have a few fun palettes like Lovatics by Demi Lovato palette for a lot of fun nudes. And for when you need the pop of colours, NYC has got you covered with the HD Color Trio Eye Shadow!

Now, if you are like me and your local Sephora calls your name regularly, you are definitely tempted to get a fancy palette. Fear not. The fancy, shiny palette is the acclaimed Chocolate Bar by Too Faced. Duh. All of the nudes – matte and shimmer. BONUS: it’s smells like chocolate.

Now hey… this is is a lot of make-up and a lot of money. Don’t worry, I got your back. One of my favourite palettes is The Balm Cosmetics’ 12-Color Nude’tude palette! This one is a lot of fun to play with AND has naked ladies on it 8D

For when you just need one random colour – Colourpop is your go to. Canadian friends, this is where we curse our American counterparts since they have free shipping options… BUT don’t worry! This brand is so much fun – plan a group order for eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters and lip products. Literally everything from this brand is worth it!


Mascaras are super personal but I believe in 2 things; it should always be waterproof and it should never clump! So here are few of my favourites that live up to those expectations.

L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascara is my ultimate favourite. Is it me or this has been around forever? In any case, I love how the thin brush allows me to get all my lashes. It also works great for both top and bottom lashes!

When I first wrote this post, I actually forgot about Clinique’s High Impact Waterproof mascara! I can’t believe it since I use it almost daily ( along with L’Oreal!) This mascara doesn’t clump and really makes your lashes look long. So worth it! 

On the more expensive side of the spectrum is Chanel’s Sublime mascara. I’ve been buying this stuff for a long time and while it isn’t marked as waterproof, it certainly deserved a mention for well put it has stayed through conventions!

Finally, Benefit’s They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara wins the mascara game. Maybe a little bit too much because that stuff won’t come off. Which is great – no bleeding eyes for me during conventions, but a little less great when you’re trying to remove your makeup haha.

More Eye Stuff

Obviously, you’re priming those lids because applying those shadows… wait you aren’t? Girl, let’s hook you up with some primer!

My favourite primer is MAC’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot (in Painterly!) This product is really creamy and makes your eyeshadows stick to your eyelids. Boom. They are are not going anywhere – awesome. It also looks really pretty on its own, especially for the last day of the con, when your eyes are tired and your lids are all kind of shades of purples and blue? Boom. Gone.

On the more wallet-friendly side, NYX’ Eye Shadow Base is a total steal. I mean, for 10$, I feel like I’m stealing from them! and unlike Target, NYX is now available in Canada at Shopper’s! YAY!

Foundation and Face stuff

The obvious one. This is hard to recommend because everyone’s skin is different so for foundation – I can only recommend the ones that I use. For reference, my skin is very fair and dry.

My ultimate favourite foundation is Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I get great coverage with this foundation without feeling cakey. Plus, it’s easy to blend – God knows I’m blind when I’m doing my makeup!

On the wallet-friendly side, I also love and frequently use Maybelline’s FIT ME in Dewy + Smooth! I feel like everybody and their grandmother uses this foundation – it’s really great! Not only that, they have a formula for oily skin too!

Don’t forget to put some colour on those cheeks! Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush are one of my favourites since they be applied using your fingers and are so easy to blend!

When it comes to powder, there is only one powder you need. Recently, YouTubers discovered this product so it is a little bit harder to come by… with good reasons! The RCMA No Color Powder is a must! This powder will not only set your regular makeup but also works flawlessly on crazy body paint that we often need to set. For my Canadian gals, don’t worry, Kind of Magic in Ontario has got you covered!

Finally, you need to set that makeup so it won’t move! No runny makeup here, nuh-uh. My favourite setting spray is NYX’s Setting Spray – available in both a dewy or matte finish, depending on how you prefer your makeup!

Torture Tools

All that other stuff you should use to apply makeup with. Duh.

For foundation, or if you favour BB cream, skip the Beauty Blender. We don’t have money for that. Instead, check out the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge! Wet it and you are good to go!

Now, Real Techniques is really awesome for all their make up brushes and if you want to get affordable and durable make up brushes, you should definitely check out their Starter and their Core sets!

If you got fancy with the eyeshadows, you might want to consider fancy eyeshadow brushes. Nah. Stick with Real Techniques and get one good, reliable blending brush, like the Classic Crease Shadow Brush #73 from the Sephora Collection.

For those lashes, no one needs a 25$ Shu Uemura eyelash curler. No one. Joe Fresh Beauty‘s and Revlon‘s Lash curlers are just as good.

* * *

And that’s it, ladies! Hopefully, you discovered some products on this list – if not, what products are your holy grail when attending a convention? 🙂

Montreal Comic Con 2015

Where to begin – Montreal Comic Con was a roller coaster of emotions, thrills and adventures. I had been excited about MCC for a while. It’s been some time that I almost only exclusively read comics, making MCC so much more excited than any other conventions!

I had been working on all week so I arrived late Friday night to our hotel, which I was sharing with Aree, Nayel-ie and her boyfriend. As per tradition, Aree and I ordered some Saint-Hubert and called it a night.

Saturday was the big day, I got suited it in Katniss and on my way to sign up for the masquerade. On my way, I stopped by Weapon check to get it approved. Little did I know, I was off to a really bad start… As I was explaining to a volunteer that I had designed the bow in a way that it was too tight to shoot anything and that the string was purely decorative, he pulled on it with all his strength! It caused the bow crack down in the middle! I lost it! I made a scene but he said he couldn’t approve it “because he was able to pull on the string”. I started to yell so the Master of Weapons, Aaron, got into it after almost 20 mins and simply said “obviously if it cracks down the middle, it can’t handle one pound of tension which is what we want so it’s alright, I approve of this”. I still complained about the fact that they broke my bow – not even 5 minutes I had walked in the convention center but they could barely muster an apology.


I rushed to the masquerade sign-up room but, of course, the women right before me… grabbed the last entry. I left defeated and angry. I had worked so hard on Katniss for so long… to not be able to enter the masquerade because I was late… because some jerk broke my bow on purpose… it all sucked! After wallowing for a bit in a corner, I ranted on my personal Facebook and it caught the eye of friend who works for MCC who brought it to the attention of the Masquerade Director. The Masquerade Director decided that if the Master of Weapons was not going to make it right by me, he would. And so, this is how I was able to get into the Masquerade after all!


The green room was great! A lot of times, green room lack organization and are too long for our own good but it started later, giving us time to do other things. During the day, I was able to shoot with Pithier Photography and Theorem Productions! Having the masquerade later made Saturday not just about the masquerade anymore.

Finally, when it actually was my turn on stage, something magical happened…

Funny story about that skit. I had that track planned for 3 months but over the last 4 weeks I thought it was not good enough so I had 2 more and I was stuck with 3 audio tracks for a hypothetical masquerade… so the night before masquerade, I bothered my friends asked their opinions. Are, Ray, Nathan, Olivia, Alexia, Jaspinder, Elisabeth and many more. I owe this one to you all! When I got on stage, I just had in mind that I would lipsing, salute, maybe do something with my bow and bounce. But then… I saw the hands saluting back, I almost lost it! All I could think about was “OK WHAT IS HAPPENING… THIS IS HAPPENING. KEEP SINGING. OK. ARROW. BOW. POSE. OK. WOW. SALUTE “


I really didn’t see it coming!

Sunday, Aree and I went for dim sum to start out the day just right and we spent most of our days just picking around with friends :3


I nervously attended the awards ceremony. I was so pleased that all my friends won an award! I was extremely surprised when I was awarded the Best Evocation Prize for my presentation and a Special Ninja Award for Best Ninja Use!

As usual, I had a wonderful time at Montreal Comic Con. Like any cons, it had some downs… but the ups were so phenomenal it makes everything else seems like white noise À l’année prochaine, MCC !


Zatanna Zatara – Construction Notes


I’ve been a fan of Zatanna for a long time. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the first comic book characters I feel in love with: she so witty, smart, strong and intelligent. I’m so proud to say I own all 16 volumes of her series + and the alternate covers ! I’m not much of a collector but when it comes to Zatanna, I get a bit crazy.

I had originally cosplayed Zatanna back in 2012 in a very last minute cosplay and I decided that she was worth a proper hommage.

I kept the corset I had used in 2012 – I had originally bought it on ebay – slightly modified it so it would fit me better. The shoes are actually my high school uniform shoes (!!!) which are well over 10 years now… The blouse and the bow tie are my pieces of old bartending uniform.


For the jacket, I used Simplicity #2525 pattern. I LOVE this pattern – it was really easy to follow and I made the jacket in one day. I realized that I used the wrong collar pattern but it didn’t bother me so much… one day I will go back and the one I meant to use. On the back on the jacket, I decided to add a “butt bow” since I really like the jacket material I had picket and I thought that bows just look nice on everything and everyone XD I added some dangly pearls and gems to the bow but it is barely noticeable ^^”

For the bottom, I used our Green Pepper pattern we used for our Sailor Moon leotards and transformed it into a high waisted panty – so I can tuck in my shirt under the corset.

For the gloves, I cut long white gloves I had around the house, sew a lace trim on them and added cute gold buttons with gems.

Finally,  for the flower, I used scraps of heavy matte satin Aree and Lolipuff left at my house when we were working on Sailor Moon and made a rose ^^!

As for the top hat, I ordered it from the lovely hat makers at Patterns of Time and the wig if a Black Matilda from Arda Canada!


I hope this is everything you’ve wanted to know about how I made my Zatanna cosplay! I hope to make from cosplay of her in the future! 😀

Photo credits: Eleventh Photograph, DarkainMX , Novii

Katsucon 2015


Ever since MCC ended – I have been looking forward to Katsucon, like a child looks forward to Christmas. With Aree, Lolipuff and Vilya, we started planning our trip months ago. This time around, we chose to drive in (instead of flying in) and to stay extra days to accommodate our long travel hours.

We arrived on Thursday night, after nearly 12 hours of driving – thought I didn’t drive, I took my DJ role very seriously. I was quite annoyed when my Itunes match got disabled the minute we crossed the border and ended up busting my American plan over re-downloading my music but oh welp… it’s not like I was going to listen to nothing for 12 hours. We did our best to minimize stops – American fast food no long impresses us.

Since we couldn’t finish our Love Live cosplays (damn you Canada Post) I decided to stick to cosplays that I had completed months ago and I believe this is what made my Katsucon, once again, really enjoyable! My fellow Idolm@ster girls changed their plans so I ended up not wearing Miki but I was quite happy wearing my new and revamped Zatanna.

On Friday, we headed out to the con quite early and were luckily able to obtain our badges really fast – unfortunately, I hear it was very problematic this year again for a lot of people 🙁 Then off to the con floor we went! I was happy mingling and meeting friends I hadn’t seen in a long time – or friends I had until now only talked online.

1959525_784962658207409_350489349439076024_nPhoto by Beat Down Boogie

KiraKira Cosplay was particularly ravishing with her Armoured Little Ponies, I had to contain myself when saying hi to her >_<” I have so much respect for her work and the quality of her craftmanship, it was hard not to fangirl when finally meeting her!

Vickybunnyangel also had a wonderful group of Sailor Senshi designed by NoFlutter

10985592_819321934809269_6778383552091177143_oPhoto by Flutter Tee Photography

It was hard to take my eyes of such wonderful groups. When people say “Cosplayers bring their A-Game at Katsucon” they really mean it. Everyone looks so amazing <3

I ended up having a lot of fun taking pictures here and there as well as helping friends with their shots. Eventually I had my share of the con (and the corset) for the day so I headed to my room and met Gina at hers. We had planned to head out to a party but ended up drinking wine and helping Mao-chan with her castanic cosplay. I had a lot of fun sewing her panties and wearing them on my head… of course.

10389652_10205197814678349_823675577245738917_nPhoto by Alpha Neko

On Saturday, I wore Zatanna again; running around with friends, photographers, videographers. Finally, my partner, Nathan DeLuca, met me in his Robin cosplay but quickly change – in a Ironman cosplay haha. We were supposed to meet for the DC meetup but I suddenly felt ill and faint so I headed back to my room and rested for a bit. We then changed into Eternal Sailor Scouts, a much more comfortable cosplay and proceeded to twerk on everything that moved.

Rolled saturday night, we made our way to Nando’s, as the Katsucon traditions oblige and indulged in delicious spicy chicken. All while we were planning on what parties to attend – we noticed the strong winds outside and got word that the Gaylord was not letting people out because of the weather. I’m not sure if this was ever true but it sure made us reconsider partying our butts off. We decided to rest our tired butts instead and headed back to our room, with Flaming-Goddess and joked around until no one could stand up.

10996542_1050636881628417_6724273918848485414_nPhoto by Eminence Rain

On Sunday, we geared up in Sailor Scouts again and decided it was time for the twerking scouts to make one last appearance at Katsucon. We crashed a lot of cosplay footage (sorry not sorry) and had a lot fun teaching Mao-chan how to twerk (results: she can!). The adorable CosplayGhouls were one of our unfortunate twerk victims… or maybe they rather enjoyed it?

We then had a late lunch at Nando’s (again) and I started feeling faint again so I went to bed and rested for a while. I ended up missing a dinner party but oh welp; you’re no good company when you feel ill… I needed to rest before leaving on Monday morning for the long ride back home.

Overall, I had a wonderful time at Katsucon. While I hate comparing a convention to a previous, I find that my time at Katsucon this year was much tamer, with no wild parties but I still had a wonderful time. Katsucon is one of those conventions where I know I will have fun <3

Bonus pro:

  • My roomies! I can’t stress how smoothly everything was because I had such wonderful roomies. Everyone was on the same wavelenght. I had roomed with Aree and we are quite closed (so much, we want to live together >>) and Lolipuff and Vilya are just good friends of mine so it made everything so much easier as we all automatically agreed on everything.
  • Weather: compared to last year, I thought the weather was quite nice. Sure, it was cold and windy but hey – no snow. Aree and I found ourselves running to our hotel (no coasts – too hardcore) so I can only hope next year will be warmer!
  • Food: we saved a bunch of money on restaurants because we hoarded on food like granola and yogurt in our hotel room (yay mini fridges). We also found ourselves eating a lot less junk food… I’m looking at your Ackson!


  • Staff: while the Katsucon staff is nice and polite, they were quite uninformed when it came to photography policies. I had studied the rules on the website to avoid any trouble (something every cosplayer should do ). However,  twice we were warned by staffers, BECAUSE WE WERE FOLLOWING THE RULES. When showing them and quoting them the actual rules, they would just say “oh well pack up and go check with Press” uh no. We’re in the middle of a shoot, we’re timed. You’re the one who’s unsure about the rules… you go check with Press and let us know. Once, while shooting with DarkainMX from, a staffer told us HANDHELD EQUIPMENT was not allowed! I was appalled and told him that it was not what was stated in the rules and he very rudely said: ” oh really – do you want me to call this in?” to which I replied : “actually yes”. Thankfully, Attendee Services Deputy Director Fuzz walked by and we explained the situation and he told the staffer I was correct: handheld equipment is allowed. Fuzz had the staffer apologize to us and to Eleventhphotograph that was shooting nearby for wrongly giving us a warning. I can’t imagine how many photographers were distraught when told that they couldn’t use handheld equipment… Katsucon has improved their photography policies, however they need to train their staff accordingly otherwise, we are just running around in circles!!

How to cosplay as a group

Recently, I was asked this question and I realized how complex the answer was. You can cosplay with your friends or with strangers but either way… it can either be a great experience or it can be a train wreck.

Here are a few things you need to know before you sign yourself up for a group cosplay…

  • Accept that people will drop out

Whether it’s because they lost interest or something else came up, people will not be able to finish their cosplays. As a member of a cosplay group, you have to accept that everyone in the group is likely to drop out for whatever reason and you shouldn’t hold it against them. It’s always a bit disappointing but sometimes, it’s best to lack a member than have a member who didn’t want to do a costume and ended up botching it.

  • Compromise: the key to success to group cosplay

Several brains is better than one. It also means, several opinions on several ways of doing of part of a cosplay. It’s important to not impose YOUR way and to discuss with your teammates and research what everyone would be comfortable with. If you vehemently disagree, let it be known in a fashion that won’t upset your peers.

Aree at my place, working on our upcoming Love Live cosplays

  • Group workshops or work on your own?

One of the fun aspects of group cosplays is that you can work together and get things done faster, especially if your outfits are similar. It not only speeds up the process but it’s also more fun to work with peers. Whenever it’s not possible to work together, make sure you share your notes and updates so that your peers are not only aware the techniques you are using but also feel motivated by your progress.


Every group I have been part of were planned months ahead of time. This might as well be a general cosplay rule but I feel that for cosplay groups it is particularly important since working until the very last minute on a cosplay can add unnecessary tension to the group members.


Keep in touch with everyone in your group. In all of my groups, we liked to create hidden Facebook groups and keep everyone update as well as converse almost daily regarding our progress. Never leave anyone out of the loop!

  • Be a leader… but don’t impose leadership

Be proactive and be a leader; if nothing is happening and no one is making progress, take it upon yourself to organize an outing and go fabric shopping or get together to craft. However, just because you show signs of leadership, that doesn’t make you the leader of the group. No one likes to be bossed around, especially when they are doing something that is meant to be fun. Just because you’re cosplaying the main character, it doesn’t make you the leader of the group!

Overall, just have fun!

Groups can be a lot of fun and they can also be a nightmare. Overall, it all comes down to communication and respecting your group mates. If you take it too seriously and you’re not having fun, maybe a large group isn’t what you need 😉

White Canary

White Canary was a bit of a last minute project. I’ve been reading Birds of Prey for a long time and I’ve been wanting to cosplay Black Canary for a long time. The only thing is, when I do, I want to cosplay Black Canary’s new 52 outfit, as the original is really popular at conventions.

Recently, Aree and I teamed as White and Black Canary and had a photo shoot with Lexa One and Beevii as out make up artist. We were able to produce these amazing photos!

White Canary turned out to be a great challenge. I had never done a bodysuit. I had never done a duster. I had never done boot covers. I had never worked with PVC stretch. Overall it was a lot of first and there are a few things I’d like to improve (like the booth covers… they were not how I wanted them to turn out) but overall, it’s was fun to challenge myself.

Lately, I feel a lot of my cosplayer peers have been taking an easier route with armoured cosplay as worbla is becoming an easy material to work with. I’ve decided to step away from armour and improve my sewing skills instead. I want to challenge myself, I want to grow as a cosplayer and I feel that sewing is the way to go for me. It may not be as flashy and as impressive as armoured cosplays but my true love is in sewing, where it all started! <3

Cosplay & Talent

Is it talent?

I’m quite lucky. I have a really cool job in real life. Ever since I dropped out of college (oops, did I forget to blog about this? maybe I will later), I’ve realized how much I love my job and how much I love my coworkers. I am blessed with coworkers who are creative and who embrace cosplay. Often they ask me:

Fred, why do you work here? you’re so talented… you should be in costume design, behind stage or designing costumes for people.

I know this is flattery but ever since I was young, I never liked being told I was talented. Maybe because I had drill-sergent piano teacher, she thought me that most talented people are useless; it’s the hard working ones who make it and get what they want. So when someone tells me “You’re so talented”… I know they mean well, but in the back of my head, I’m yelling “IT’S NOT TALENT, IT’S HARD WORK! ” It makes sense tho, right?

And I know most people are thinking that cosplayers are so lazy… of course we are lazy! We procrastinate, we rather watch 200 episodes of Naruto than actually work on a Naruto cosplay but when we actually get down to work, we defeat the huns faster and better than Mulan!

So do me a favor, next time you want to highlight the work a cosplayer did – don’t say they are talented. Say they are hardworking; admire how much work must have went into their art! It’s probably the best compliment you can ever give us :3

photo by Bret DR, featuring Vickybunnyangel, Gebgeb & Mao-chan

Otakuthon 2014 – Con report

Here it is, the annual Otakuthon. This convention feels like home and has always held a special place in my heart since it was the first convention I attended back in 2006. This year, you could feel how much Otakuthon has grown has the staff and organizers clearly did not expect the high number of attendants which reflected in a linecon. Surely something we can improve on next year as well as the badge pick up process…

This year, I actually decided to stay in a hotel. Last year, I didn’t and regretted it – Janna was not a public transit friendly cosplay. Knowing my lineup this year, I roomed with Deltaree, GebGeb and Usagi-chan. We checked in on Thursday so that we could relax one night before the convention and get to the convention Friday. However, it didn’t exactly pan out that way. As we were getting ready in our Eternal Sailor Moon cosplays, Mao-chan was delayed and thus we had to wait since she had the last of our accessories. When she finally made it, we rushed out to respective shoots; GebGeb and I with ONE Photography. We all met up later at the fountain for a fun video shoot with Kevin Zhao! We shot of a lot of silly scenes and had a great time. We then shot with Mike from Eleventh Photograph until I rushed to give my panel on Cosplay and Social Media.

I hadn’t given a panel in a while so I was really nervous, furthermore my partner got held at her booth in her merchant alley… but I think it went rather well. 30 mins into my panel I was already done and I was surprised but thankfully, there were a lot of questions and discussion so we were able to use all the time that was given to us!

Saturday, our day started early as GebGeb and I were both cosplaying Drakenguard 3 alonside Mao-chan and Vickybunnyangel. We got up early to get ready since both of our costumes were not only complicated but they were also exhausting to put on XD; We met the other girls at 11:00 and started shooting as a group! It was a lot of fun to be the 4 of us, finalle united for this group. Last time, at Anime North, it had been just me and the game was newly released so it felt quite lonely… so it was great so be surrounded by my friends, in cosplay, from the same game!

At 3:00, we lined up for the dreaded masquerade green room. I don’t love green rooms. Aside from judging, which is can be pleased, the rest is a bore. Our judge was Niq (DetailedIllusionCosplay) and he was a delight to explain our cosplays to. After judging and all  your regular green room processing, we settled down for a bit before rehearsing… for 10 mins. The staff wouldn’t let us practice. Wtf, stating that if they let one group practices then they would need to let everyone practice… so we had to improvise and drill the cues in my head (so I don’t forget them…)

We were able to get on stage quite early – thanks to the comprehension and kindness of the staff, I would not have lasted hours in the green room… and from there, it was showtime.

Overall, we did a great job. I was angry with myself because my ribbon got stuck so I turned around a bit early to get it unstuck. You can’t notice it but I know and it made me really annoyed after the masquerade… After the masquerade, all I could think about was to get out of this armor and eat! I then met up with Mike Kowalek and lovely bunch of cosplayers from Toronto. I was supposed to cosplay PJs Ymir that night but my body was rejecting lenses and my wig so I changed out quickly and went out for drinks with friends and ended up partying all night and only coming back Sunday morning!

Sunday morning… I was hangover and barely got any sleep. I ALMOST cancelled my Miki Hoshii cosplay but I was too bummed by the idea so I got a bit of rest and some coffee in me and prayed to the cosplay gods! I made it to the shoot and seeing my group looking so beautiful, I got all the energy I needed for the day!

We shot with Mike Kowalek and than Michaelle Charette. Then, we few of our girls had to leave for the award ceremony… not feeling confident about my performance the day before, I decided not to go and stay with the group. We shot a music video with Kevin Zhao instead!

Than, when we were done filming, I got wind that Vicky, Mao and I won something! An honourable mention for craftmanship — which is really cool because I didn’t expect to win anything. Overall, my hangover Sunday turned out to be the best hangover I’ve ever had haha. Of course, I was really tired and I called it a day at 4pm without really saying goodbye to anyone and went home 😉

Otakuthon had very few downs… but mostly lots of ups! I got to work with photographers I love and admire, cosplay from my all time favourite series, cosplay with friends and just overall had a lot of fun. Cons are supposed to be about fun and fun is something I had a lot of fun that week end! 😀

oh I almost forgot.

Sailor Twerk.

Drakenguard Zero Sword – Construction Notes

It’s no secret that at Otakuthon, I was part of a great Drakenguard 3 group. My friend Geraldine (Gebgeb Cosplay), who was cosplaying Zero, had her work cut out for her: not only was she cosplaying Zero, she was also part of our Eternal Sailor Moon… as Eternal Sailor Moon. In July, it was clear that time was running and that she was likely not going to be able to make the sword so I decided to make it for her. I wanted our Zero to have a sword… and I like making things! I had all the materials on hand so why not, right? That’s the spirit of cosplay group!

I first printed out a template that we of the sword and discussed with Papaberry how we could realistically do this in wood. Since Geraldine is quite short, we decided that the finished sword should not be longer than 100cm : 70cm for the blade, 30 cm for the handle. My father cut out the blade and out of spare wood we had. The handle was cut out of my Janna staff (sorry Janna lovers!) . We had a bit of am unspoken rule my family – all the wood cutting is done by my father. It’s fine by me since he’s enjoying helping me with cosplay prop making lately!

Once he was done assembling the blade to the handle, I got to work! I initilally thought I wanted to sculpt the round handle out of expanding foam… big mistake. After fighting  with it for 3 days… I realized it was simply not the right material for want I wanted to it and I ripped it all apart to replace it with EVA foam. For the detailing on the blade, I used good ol’ craft foam and plastic pearls.

Once the blade was painted, I had the idea to had blood to it. In the game, whenever Zero is in battle, she is always covered in blood. Obviously, we were not about to cover Geraldine and her brand new cosplay in fake blood but I thought it would be cool to make her sword stand out!

and it was a lot of fun 8D

The last thing I did was applied worbla details: the pommel, the vine strips on the handle and the cross. The flowers were made Géraldine: some are in craft foam and some are in fabric! We added the matching velvet ribbon at the same time too 🙂

Looking back, I’m satisfied with how this sword turned out! There definitely things I would love to improve… like the pommel – I’m not happy how it turned out >> and the handle… in some reference it’s white and in some others it’s black! Oh, the ever changing references game~ But overall, I think we were able to make a pretty cool prop… in like… no time!

And then, we had a Drakenguard 3 group <3

Images by Novii photograhy

Cosplay by Shmuberry, Gebgeb, Mao-chan & Vickybunnyangel Cosplay

Three Construction Notes (Ver. 1)


Three, from the video-game Drakenguard 3, is my most ambitious cosplay. The idea of cosplaying this came from Mao-chan, last year. She is a BIG FAN of the series for a long time. When the new game was announced and the character design was slowly revealed, she started lookling into forming a group. I jumped on the occasion: it looked complicated and I wanted a challenge!

The dress itself is rather simple. I completed this with the help of my mother in a week-end; my sewing machine was in repair so we sewed at her place in Sutton. We used a prom dress pattern. The black corsage is made out of black peau de soie I bought in Toronto and the lilac damask pattern fabric was actually custom design with the help of my friend Eru. If you would like to buy this fabric for your own Three cosplay, I’ve made it available  on Spoonflower (you’re welcome! :D)

The challenging part of this cosplay was the ARMOUR. OH MY GOD.

I am quite confident in my armour making skills but making a full leg armor that doesn’t hinder movement *too much* is challenging. The knee cover were easy to make but were a challenge to attach to my legs. Having worn the costume once, I want to revisit those again.

IMG_0482 IMG_0503

Once my patterns were completed, I assembled everything using worbla and foam. For the leg armor, I insisted on hiding the seams, inspired by Coregeek. Using wood filler, I covered the seam and sanded it down before  covering the whole thing with black gesso, sanded again, then applied wood glue — before more sanding. Once I was satisfied with the smoothness, I applied half beads and covered them with one last layers of wood glue. Three’s armor is covered in rivets so I used fake pearls stickers that I found at Dollorama.

I chose to paint the whole armor using spray paint to avoid brush strokes and painted the silver details with a small brush. I tried adding some dark grey shadows on some parts of the armour but it barely made a difference… haha black armours are so flat!!

IMG_0537 IMG_0577

In the end, I’m very happy with the way this costume turned out for Anime North. I’m definitely going to redo my whole straps system tho: by the end of the day, some of my armor where falling out (but that’s my fault, I was out of D-rings so I experimented… didn’t work out so well XD). Also one thing I learned: black armour… don’t do in the sun.

Anime North is a convention where most people hang outside… heck I didn’t even have a badge this year. It was incredibly hot and some part of my armour ended up heating up and somewhat melting! ahhh! This is worbla we are talking about so I can reheat it and give it the shape I want but it was quite surprising! I definitely plan on staying inside at Otakuthon… it’s not like I can really walk a lot in this armour anyway ^^”

In any case! I have quite a bit of work before Otakuthon! On top of reworking Three, I working on completing both Eternal Sailor Venus, Miki Hoshii Luxury costume and maybe one secret cosplay~ Wish me luck!


Spoiled community

Hey everyone! I’m back from Anime North and wow! I had so much fun! I will most definitely do a report later on but for now, I feel the need to rant on something totally not related to Anime North.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people asking for money for things related to cosplay or convention activities. The latest example on my feed is a photographer who takes pictures for free who is currently having camera issues. The camera needs repair which will be costly and is now reminding people of the pictures he took of them for years and pleading to have donations in “exchange for the sentimental value they hold for the pictures”

What a load of bullshit.

Bro, if you want money for your art, you ask before you snap. Otherwise, don’t come asking for some when shit hits the fan. Call me cold hearted but this is a thing call life: shit happens. I got my own life here and I’m not about to bail you out for something so superficial.

Two months ago, my dear sewing machine broke down. One thing you did not see me do is go on my social media and plead for donations to get it repaired. Or remind photographers how my cosplay helped them get traffic on their pages or how popular some of their pictures got because of me so they should help me out. Nope. We brought my sewing machine to a repair shop (really far to my place btw), patiently waited for all the parts to be in and got it repaired. It was really expensive but I didn’t cry to anyone for money.

I was raised in a way that if you need something, you work for it. I come from a family where people have made their own successes by working hard, not by getting hand outs. Yeah, life sucks sometimes but you work at it. If you can’t afford your hobby then you need to revisit your life choices, grow the fuck up and stop asking people for cash.

So for the love of God, stop asking for hand outs. You want money? Work for it, sell prints, show us what you are worth and not just “I’m cute / useful to the community, please gimme 20$”

Because I’m hot and I would totally need 5000$.


but not really.


hey everyone~ it’s been a while~

I’m in the middle of finals and wow… I just want it to end! I’ve never been good at exams so I’m glad most of my course have evaluations that require me to write research studies and essays… so the exams aren’t worth too much. Still, it’s very stressful since my memory is just so bad now.  sigh

ANYWAY. It seems I will be going to Anime North this year! Mao-chan convinced me and I gave in 🙂 it would be a shame to let a bad memory of AN make me not go back. Besides, I really want to see all my Toronto friends and after all these finals, I really need a con to get ready for!

I’ve also got news that my Taobao order is on its way! My agent, Cici from was kind enough to send me preview pictures of my order! I’m really looking forward to receiving everything!!

Both the boots and the jacket were custom made and look wonderful from the photos. Of course, I’ll do a review once I get everything.

It’s the first time I buy a cosplay and I didn’t expect myself to be this excited over it. I have to admit I have been quite judgemental of cosplays that were not “handmade” in the past but I’ve totally changed my mind about that, not only because I’m purchasing one now but also over the years, I’ve met a lot of cosplayers. Everyone has their reasons to craft or to buy things. I bought these AoT items because I couldn’t be bothered to make a jacket, belt system and boots. Simple as that.

I’m lazy. lol

I’m still looking forward to crafting my other cosplayers for AN and making a 3D manoeuvre gear~

Daenerys Targaryen: Qarth dress

photo by Martin Wong

Katsucon was a dream and I have never been this happy with a cosplay before. I started planning this dress in November; I actually dreamed about it and the next day, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I had been watching Game of Thrones but I hadn’t seen The Ghost of Harrenhal yet (I watch series VERY slowly…) so I started looking at reference pictures… I simply couldn’t get this damn dress out of my head!

Later that month, Mao-chan and I visited Vickybunnyangel in Toronto and went fabric shopping. I found the perfect light blue silk Georgette and from there, it was decided! I was going to cosplay Daenerys!

I started putting the whole costume together during my Christmas vacation and completed it in 5 days. I first started by cutting my fabric, using Sonia’s pattern from I Do Things I Love, and then painted the gold pattern using sea sponges. I have to say, this was my favourite part, it was so relaxing and fun to do! I then tied my beautiful Silk Georgette in knots and rolled it balls, wet them and threw them in my drying machine so the fabric would crinkle! Also a lot of fun!

Once crinkled, I focused on assembling the dress together. It was particularly easy since the dress is made out of 4 large rectangles but having a new dress form sure made the whole process even easier!

Once the dress was mostly assembled, I focused on the filigrees and the belt. I had started with the filigrees first since they were required for me to assemble the dress. Of course, my focus was the Qarth belt and I chose my favourite thermoplastic: worbla! Using Kudrel’s pattern, the whole belt took about 16 hours to make 🙂

Finally, I attached the shoulder filigree to the dress simply by hand sewing them (I know, revolutionary!) and shopped for semi-precious stones with Deltaree and GiH5 to complete the belt.

I would have the say that my choice of pearl/stones and the belt would have to be my favourite part of this costume. All so shiny <3 In the future, I am considering getting a lace front wig; not that I wasn’t happy with how my hair turned out but I don’t know how long I can keep this white/blonde hair… and I don’t want it to dictate my ability to be the mother of dragons! As for my circle lenses, I was very satisfied with my choice of a light purple lens (Dueba Puffy 3 Tone Violet for the curious) since they looked natural but striking~

Not a very Khaleesi pose but – Barney Stinson! 😀 and you can somewhat see the nice semi precious stones~ Photo by Patrick Sun

And finally, here’s a lovely video by OTL Productions and MLZ Studios! I can’t believe we filmed in the snow O.O

My problem with cosplay photography

A picture I edited, that got shot down. Cosplay by Chaly and I.

I’ve been telling my friends for a while now how much I am annoyed with the current “meta” of cosplay photography. While I understand that in the past there have been a lot of abuse from cosplayers in regards of cosplay photographers, I feel that right now, cosplayers are stuck in this meta where we are stuck paying photographers for pictures we often have little to no control over.

But Shmuberry, Canadian photographers officially own the Copyright to all their photos. Yes, that is correct and they should. However, I find that cosplay photography stands out from regular photography as it is two artists coming together to create a beautiful image. A cosplay photographer is nothing without the skillful cosplayer who has perfected their costumes for hundreds of hours. Owning copyright doesn’t mean you have to be an ass about it, especially when you were hired to take the picture.

“Even if you hired me, I own the picture, ergo I can do whatever I wait with it.” “It’s mine, you can’t touch it”

This is the type of attitude a photographer shouldn’t have in this community.

I feel instead, it should be a collaboration between the two artists and not just in front of the lens but also when it comes to the editing process. How many of us have waited 6 months for pictures and when we got them we thought: “I waited for that? Let me quick fix this…” and here comes the photographers, insulted that you DARE smooth your skin or color correct a picture better than he did, because he owns the picture. We’re cosplayers, we’re anal about everything. It’s not that we don’t like the pictures, our idea of perfection is so different for everyone, you couldn’t possibly know that I want my nose liquified a certain way or my idea of a soft picture is actually a completely different tone curve or that I have a problem with the colour yellow.

It annoys me, because I can’t say anything but “ok, sorry” but I’m actually thinking “I waited 6 months for these pictures but it’s not quite the way we both envisioned. I thought I was doing you a favour since I’m sharing this under your name…” because then you’re guaranteed to sever ties with an otherwise talented individual. sigh.

It’s not like I’m incompetent or stupid with Photoshop and Lightroom. I’m not going to crop out your watermark or erase your metada (for those who even bother with that) !

In an ideal world, I would love to have my own contract where a photographer will agree to take pictures and submit the raws to me. In exchange, I edit the picture and credit the photographer for taking the pictures and myself for the editing. Think about it; less pictures to edit, no back log, no cosplayed lamenting over the wait and your style of editing. It seriously needs to be an option photographers should offer.


Much cosplay

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all celebrated in a fun way! I did 🙂 I’ve also been keeping myself busy since the end of the Fall semester with all my cosplay projects! I’ve turned my house in a full blown cosplay atelier — I kind of feel sorry for my brothers who are stuck with fabrics and thermoplastics everywhere… whoops.

This week, I finished my Daenerys Qarth dress cosplay and I am so happy with the result. I had picked the fabric when I was visiting my friend Vickybunnyangel in Toronto back in November and I started working on it just before Christmas. All in all, completeting this costume took less than 5 days of work 🙂

For anyone interested, I followed Sonia‘s pattern and tutorial 🙂 The dress is very easy to make and for people who are new to cosplay, it is a great beginner project!

So here are a few progress pictures!

I also recorded a video of me making the belt, which took 2 days. It wasn’t really a hard pieces to make but it was really detailed so I wanted it to be perfect. I’m really happy with the results and seeing the feed back, I’m thinking of offering commissions of this piece 🙂

Now, I’m done with Daenerys and I’ve been working on my next project, Tiki from Fire Emblem! A lot of sewing skils are involved so I’m hoping I can do everything right ;___;

Montreal Comic Con 2013 Recap!

I’m so  lazy right now… is it still necessary to do a con recap? haha well let’s do the highlights then 😉
I was attending Comic Con with IXDAILY.COM as media this year so on Friday, I met with Trent and Natania in my Babydoll cosplay and we wondered around the convention before attending :devKamuiCosplay:’s panel. It was a lot of fun and it was amazing to get tips from the Queen of Worbla herself!!
BIIIIIG Con day~ Before heading to the convention, Ray Lum and I had a shoot planned for Janna. We shot near my place, by the waterside… BUT IT WAS FREEZING OMG. We got a lot of amazing shots so it was all worth it 😀 At the con, Mao-Chan and I had been planning a really fun masquerade skit but poor Mao got an eye infection! Mao is a champ because she decided that she wanted to go on stage anyway and we perfomed! Kamui judged our costume and it was amazing to talk to her and tell her how we did our costumes. We were both starstruck but it was really nice to tell her that her tutorials not only motivated but helped me make Janna AND get on stage and show our cosplays off.
Our performance was good? We couldn’t really hear our track too well because of the horrible feedback in the room. I had spent hours on the tracks so I knew our cues so hopefully we looked good on stage… We got a great response from the audience but I’m still waiting for the masquerade to be uploaded …
After the masquerade, we both changed and parted ways. I hung out with Chris and Jack Liu for a bit and we headed for dinner with the masquerade staff and the guests! It was really cool to sit down with Kamui, Monika Lee and Jessica Nigri and everyone 😀 I got home pretty late on Saturday night and passed out haha.
The masquerade award ceremony was a 10:30 and the night before, I was hinted that I should attend so I did. Mao couldn’t make it since she was still sick and had another event later. There was only 3 prizes in our category but when our names didn’t get called I was a bit of a sad puppy… until they announced that they had 3 award from the guests! In the end… Mao-chan and I won the
Jessica Nigri Workmanship Award!!!
I was so happy! It was my first masquerade ever and I was so happy that we got an award AND from Jessica Nigri!! AAAAAHH!!! Congratulations to everyone who also won an award!


In the end, I spent the rest of the day walking around the convention, derping around with Nathania and Beevi :3

Comic Con was a lot of firsts and a lot of joy! My first masquerade was frightening thought but it was a joy to be rewarded something. I also bought a lot of comics (pretty sure no one is interested in that? haha) and prints :3

Janna Janna Janna!

Hi everyone! Now that I’m all settled down in my dorm room, I have a bit of time to do a complete write up about Janna! You guys have watched and seen the progression of my most ambitious cosplay so far so I feel like I should talk about it, right?
The idea of Janna came to me right after Anime North, where I cosplayed Miss Fortune. MF was fun but things went wrong there and I didn’t want to cosplay MF again. Also, when I started playing league, I started with being an ADC but I changed to support because… I wasn’t really good at being an ADC haha! My mains in league are Sona, Lulu and Nami but I have always been in love with Janna so I started playing her a bit more and I settled on cosplaying Janna.
I’m not a big fan on the North American art; I find that there isn’t enough fabric on the bottom half. The Chinese version however is absolutely stunning! It’s so dreamy! I knew that I had to make that version of Janna (also, why can’t the 3D model be like the Chinese Art?? haha)
The first thing I did was order worbla and watch videos of Kamui cosplay, over and over and over and over again. Now that I think about it, It was very silly of me but the first thing I made out of worbla was a freaking breastplate! So if you look closely at my breastplate there are a lot of kinks… but I like it. Cosplay is a learning process after all. In the end I’m happy with my breastplate and I can say I know how to make breastplate out of worbla. hehe

I made the rest of the armor pieces in worbla as well and compared to the breastplate; these were much easier to make. Something that people don’t tell you about worbla is that when you overheat it, it bubbles and you can’t get rid of those. I learned that by trial and error so I was much more careful.

I then painted the rest and fixed the armor with velcro straps bands that attach to metal rings (again, a great tip learned from Kamui)

The staff was rushed and done in 3 days. I had made a previous version but it was too big and out of proportions so I scrapped it. The core is made out of expanding foam that I sculpted, covered in tape and papier maché and painted. The globes are demi acrylic spheres that I painted from the inside.

The skirt/train was a bit inspired from Britthebadger’s Janna cosplay. Instead of having only one layer, I also made mine with 2 layers of sheer white voile, the inside the demi circle shorte with the lace trim and the exterior one much longer with the a gold bias tape that I painted with the same gold paint I had used for the armor (I couldn’t tolerate that they weren’t the same shade of gold!)

For the wig, I used a Luthien wig from Arda wigs that I straightened. I wanted it to be a bit wavy so while it was still hot from the straightening irong, I braided it and stored it. I chose to wore Janna’s hair down but not let it get messy during the convention; Janna is the Storm’s Fury so she’s not supposed to have nice, untangled hair! The ears are from Aradani Studio!
Finally, for shoes, I hoped for comfortably 4.5 inches platform nude heels I’ve had for a while since I knew I would be walking a lot.

Here are some cosplays videos where my Janna is featured in! 😀 If you’d like to see more pictures, check out my FB page or my Deviantart. I’m starting to receive picture from photographers, so I’ll be uploading them in the upcoming weeks!Photographers: Belziir Photography & White Specs Photography

Otakuthon 2013 Recap

Otakuthon is over but is it really? No convention is really over without a con recap!

On Thursday, when I was done with the last bits of sewing and glueing, I picked up my badge with an old friend, Chris, also known as Hentai_God (7 years later, I still can’t get over his cosplay name…hahaha). We had met at the first Otakuthon and been friends since but had lost contact in recent years so it was nice to see each other again!

Friday, I left home early with my Panty cosplay and my Janna staff so I could leave it with friends downtown. Finally, Cha and I headed to the convention as Panty and Stocking from PS&G! Before shooting with Michaëlle Charette, I was able to hang out with friends and to shop around a bit. I bought the most AMAZING Alpaca plushie ever! I had promised myself that it would be my only purchase at Otakuthon and it pretty was~ Finally, we wrapped up the night with a shoot our sweetheart Ray Lum after which, Cha and I pretty much both went home 🙂

On Saturday, I got up early and got ready in my friend’s hotel room. It was a bit chaotic; apparently, it was the room to get ready in! I was out quickly since I had a photoshoot in my Janna cosplay with Fotofong in the morning. I then joined the League of Legends meet-up where I met the hung out with DeltaRee, Ashe, Kitsurie and many many more! I couldn’ stay long since I had another shoot with White Specs Photography followed by a shoot with Belziir Photography.

When I got back to the convention, I was exhausted and hungry to I met with GebGeb, Genkimami and CelticSakura and we went for dinner in Chinatown and had a lot of fun! I got home at around 1h30am that night! No party for me~

Finally, on Sunday I headed to the Saint-Joseph Oratory in my Chi cosplay with CosZStudio to get some footage for a cosplay video he is making. Then I headed to the convention where I hung out with friends again. I met Vickybunnyangel and Trickylove for lunch and we were later joined by Mike of EleventhPhotograph. My final photoshoot of the week-end was with Michaëlle Charette. Just before the dealers’ room was closing, I was able to buy all the art I wanted (because really… that all I’m interested in buying at conventions most of the time…) at a fraction of the cost.

Note to self: buy art when the dealers and artist alley is closing 😀

Overall, I would say that I had the best Otakuthon. I was extremely busy and I barely used my pass since I was so busy with photoshoots and making new friends! Usually, after a convention most people experience a “con depression”… to be honest, I’m experiencing a convention bliss right now. Otakuthon was just so smooth and I can’t wait for next year~


Cosplayholix: among the best

I swear I’ll stop posting about Cosplay stuff soon! But I thought you all might enjoy this video put together by Yernad featuring “best and awesome cosplays of AN 2013”! I’m flattered since I’m in it, along with other beautiful cosplayers, such as Vickybunnyangel, Sachie and Ringo!

Anime North

Picture by RS Photography
I just came back from Anime North and had a really fun time! Last time I was at Anime North, I was 17 or 18, and there was a lot of drama. So I was a little bit apprehensive going again since I did not have a great time when I first attended. I planned the trip for my friends and I too and we ended up having fun 🙂
I cosplayed the character Miss Fortune from League of Legends on Friday and Saturday, keeping it simple with only one cosplay for the week-end. I will blog more in details about the cosplay itselt later but about the convention itself, there is nothing more complicated than having more than one cosplay when you are not home and when you have large props! It was really windy too so my wig was a mess after only a few hours and my hat broke too so I had to hand-sew it back… At first, I thought everything was going to be a disaster!
I also met a lot of nice people, such as Ray Lum and met fellow cosplayers Sachie et VickyBunnyAngel 🙂 and made new friends like such as Gabriel (cosplaying Twisted Fate in the picture above!) Lyena, Vincent and much more!
Finally, one of the memorable things I did was a live stream for Crunchyroll! There was a booth streaming for their website and I ended up staying there for over an hour since everyone on the other side was so nice. It was a lot of fun!
There is also this thing about conventions where you discover who your real friends are. Conventions have this light-shedding effect on personal relations something and it had that effect on some of my friends. A friend really disappointed me… oh well, these things happen?
Picture by Dan Tran



I bring you, my latest cosplay, Zatanna from DC Comics! I had planned to attend ComicCon Montreal a while ago and I wanted to fit in with my friends Ria and Chaly who were cosplaying Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. I searched for a character and stumbled upon Zatanna, I had never heard of her before but I downloaded her comic and really love her sassy personnality so I decided to cosplay her!

There are several version of her “working clothes” so I chose to go for the white corset outfit, based on the Zatanna covers of issues 11, 15 and 16. I would in details on how I made this costume, but I’m too lazy right now lol enjoy pictures instead!

Who needs a knight in shining armour when you have a Clark Kent in spandex?

IMG_4392-1 IMG_4393-1
I have to say, I have a crush on this guy haha

Mini Batmans!


I never actually planned to attend Otakuthon this year; I’ve realized last time I attended that I’m so out of the loop when it comes to anime and frankly, I don’t have the energy or time to get back into it. However, last night, I was feeling nostalgic when I saw all the cosplay pictures my friends were uploaded and decided at the last minute to attend anyway!



I had completed this costume with my mom a while ago; I had planned to wear this on Halloween last year but I ended not wearing it because I didn’t have the time to gather all the accessories. Last night I rushed to complete the costume and to turn the disaster that was this wig into something somewhat decent. It’s a good thing Babydoll’s hair is often messy because that’s the only thing this wig is good for… and the garbage can.

DSC_5018 copy

DSC_5011 copy

DSC_5019 copy

I had so much fun; I didn’t attend many events or panels but just posing and seeing how many people liked my cosplay and recognised me was all I needed.

Thanks Victor and Ria for convincing me to come and Mel for lending me your sword; without it, my pictures wouldn’t have been as good!

End of summer

It’s over, already ! I’m starting school next Wednesday. I’m a little bit excited: this will be the first time in 8 years that I will go to school without wearing a uniform XD I have to start worrying about coordinates and such…. maybe I will have more interesting outfits to show you guys soon?

Today, my lovely co-worker offered to replace me so that I could have a day off and I had so many things planned for this blog! First, I wanted to take pictures of all my circle lenses since lot of you have been asking for clearer pictures… but foolishly, the week before, I went got gel nails! And now, I can’t put on circle lenses!

I’m so torn now… I can’t review lenses if I have these nails but at the same time they are so cute! I can’t have flashy nail art because of my work but I thought these were cute and appropriate for work… so sad…

P20-08-10_14.47 simple is sometimes better 🙂

So I met up with my friend Yeon Joon, who’s an artist because he wanted to draw me. He asked me to pick 3 colours that I liked from his pencils and I picked blue, pink and he chose yellow. He drew for maybe 50 minutes and this is the progress~

wearing my glasses since he lost his haha

P23-08-10_23.43 P23-08-10_23.40

Isn’t it lovely? I wish I could draw people nicely, just like he did!! I’m still so impressed! I like how he added “Shmoo” at the top~ I didn’t even ask him to! haha

* * *

I think in my previous entry, I said I would post some pictures of my cosplay for Otakuthon but before I do so, I want to clarify some things. On the Otakuthon forums, people have been accusing me of wearing my Gypsy costume in order to attract attention on me. This upsets me a lot because this is not the reason why I chosed this costume.

I genuiely play RagnarokOnline and my character is a Gypsy!!


Isn’t it ridiculous that I have to prove that I play this game…

SO what if this costume is sexy? The only thing we can see is my stomach: my breasts are covered (and I don’t have any cleavage anyway…) and so is my butt and 85% of my legs. Next to a Yoko or a Rikku cosplay, I have more fabric on to cover myself up!

With that said, here are my favourite pictures 🙂

IMG_0107-46 IMG_0125-64 IMG_0157-88

And more pictures taken by fellow co-goers…


This picture was taken by Droo, photographer for Super Kawaii Magazine, a cosplay mag. I have no idea if my picture will be published or not but still, I really like this picture!!


I think this picture is pretty hilarious even tho this isn’t my best facial expression xD


Btw, this is my friend Pong. He is cosplayed as a stalker, also from Ragnarok. Our friend Aya was cosplaying a prof from RO as well but he doesn’t wish to have pictures of him on my blog.

Voila! I hope you enjoyed! It was pretty long to type considering how it’s hard to type with those nails…

Yeah… I’ll go file them now…

Montreal; I love you!

It’s so nice and hot lately, I love the weather!

My friend Katt came over yesterday and we made matcha cupcakes! I forgot to to take pictures and my family is already done eating them! Instead.. I took a few pictures while waiting for Katt at the bus stop~


Today, I somehow woke up early and worked on my first cosplay project; Gypsy from Ragnarok Online. It is a well known fact that I’ve been in love with Dancers and Gypsies from RO for a long time and my friend Aya asked me to join a RO cosplay group for the upcoming Otakuthon~ I haven’t cosplayed in a while so I’m really happy! I spent the day shopping for materials and it was a lot of fun to walk downtown since it was so nice!

1. what I wore 2. Walking in the Village; they have those roses everywhere!

Since it was announced that HIMEKA will be performing at Otakuthon… I’m considering adding Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles to my line-up… but I’ll start by finishing my Gypsy costume first.

rogypsy_2This is a Gypsy^^

The thing about cosplay is… you have to adapt the costume to real life. The is no way a top like the above would hold up an entire day plus… it’s a bit too revealing! So I decided to use a lace bra, spray paint it gold and add beading details on it. I was inspired to do so by another cosplayer =) I’ve worked in the beading for 6 hours today and this is what it looks likes so far!


The picture is horrible… my cellphone camera can’t handle the gold so it really looks bleh here but irl, it’s really shiny. Since I took the picture, I added more red beads to the left. I should be done with the beading tomorow and hopefully the whole top will be finish as well! I’m really excited about this costume, so far, it’s coming out so nicely!