Wet n Wild Brushes: Youtube Made Me Buy It!


Hello pretty pretty pink brushes! How could I resist? These were all over Youtube and Instagram!

When my friend Melanie from Mini Neko was in Atlanta for business, I couldn’t help to ask her to get these brushes for me! These brushes have been annoyingly rare in Canada – I have been to 5 walmarts and couldn’t find them. Melanie was kind enough to get me nearly the whole Wet N Wild brush line! She picked up for me;


  •  The Foundation Brush
  •  The Fan Brush
  •  The Large Stipple Brush
  •  The Small Stipple Brush
  •  The Blush Brush
  •  The Flat Top Brush
  •  The Powder Brush
  •  The Contour Brush
  •  The Large Concealer Brush
  •  The Small Concealer Brush
  •  The Small Eyeshadow Brush
  •  The Crease Brush
  •  The Large Eyeshadow Brush
  •  The Angles Liner Brush
  •  The Smoky Liner Brush

Woof… that’s a lot of brushes!

I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth these brushes were – when you think cheap and nice makeup brushes, you don’t think Wet n Wild! These brushes are a great addition to my collection!

The brushes are a great buy! I really have no complaints for these aside that some of the fluffier brushes, like the Blush and Powder brush did shed slightly when I washed them but nothing bad. Other than that – the brushes are amazing. They feel great in my hand, not to heavy, not to light and the ferrule feels study.

I particularly liked the Smoky Liner and the Crease brush! These are as good as some of my Sephora Pro brushes… at the fraction of the cost and way cuter!

I am absolutely in love with the Fan brush! I’m channeling Tati here and I am loving using this to apply highlighter. Some might prefer a denser brush but since I like to apply my highlighter sparingly, this brush is perfect!

I also love how sparse the two Stipple brushes are! Some would prefer a dense and stiff stipple brush… I don’t.

The Powder and Blush brush are fine. They are not special but they are not bad. I am not sure I will be drawn to using these over my Real Techniques brushes… However if you don’t have any powder or blush brushes, the Wet n Wild brushes are a good option.

Overall – these brushes are worth the hype and I’m so glad I own all of these! More importantly, these are vegan, cruelty-free and all synthetic brushes! I love cruelty-free beauty so this is a win!

All that is missing is availability in Canada 😉 Alright, Wet n Wild? <3



Love Flush Blush Wardrobe – Quick Review

Oh hey! Look it’s a makeup review! We haven’t had one of those in quite a while!

I recently was on sick leave for a few weeks… it’s really boring being sick. What is a girl to do in her bed?? Play with makeup and renew my friendship with Sephora is one of the many things I did~ Obviously when I heard that Too Faced was releasing a limited edition palette of their hyped blushes, I had to have it!


I like pretty things~ I seized this occasion to FINALLY get a Chocolate Bar. Yum!

The palette includes all 6 popular Love Blush in a convenient palette. Each heart shaped pan includes 0.07 oz of product, comparatively to 0.21 oz of the individual blushes.

I particularly like Love Hangover, Baby Love, How Deep is Your Love ? and Your Love is King – I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing those quite often as they are easy to apply, blend and smell very nice 🙂

I haven’t tested the claim that these last for 16 hours but these have been thoroughly reviewed before… and the consensus is that they are indeed long-wearing.

FullSizeRender 2

Overall I really like this palette and I’m really glad I got it! My only beef with it, and this is just a personal peeve… is the packaging. I dislike cardstock palettes. When compared to other Too Faced palettes that are similar in prices, I feel like Too Faced could have done better with this one.

Still, I’m happy with the product and the colours and my personal peeve with cardstock is not going to make me return this lovely palette.


Otakuthon 2014 – Con report

Here it is, the annual Otakuthon. This convention feels like home and has always held a special place in my heart since it was the first convention I attended back in 2006. This year, you could feel how much Otakuthon has grown has the staff and organizers clearly did not expect the high number of attendants which reflected in a linecon. Surely something we can improve on next year as well as the badge pick up process…

This year, I actually decided to stay in a hotel. Last year, I didn’t and regretted it – Janna was not a public transit friendly cosplay. Knowing my lineup this year, I roomed with Deltaree, GebGeb and Usagi-chan. We checked in on Thursday so that we could relax one night before the convention and get to the convention Friday. However, it didn’t exactly pan out that way. As we were getting ready in our Eternal Sailor Moon cosplays, Mao-chan was delayed and thus we had to wait since she had the last of our accessories. When she finally made it, we rushed out to respective shoots; GebGeb and I with ONE Photography. We all met up later at the fountain for a fun video shoot with Kevin Zhao! We shot of a lot of silly scenes and had a great time. We then shot with Mike from Eleventh Photograph until I rushed to give my panel on Cosplay and Social Media.

I hadn’t given a panel in a while so I was really nervous, furthermore my partner got held at her booth in her merchant alley… but I think it went rather well. 30 mins into my panel I was already done and I was surprised but thankfully, there were a lot of questions and discussion so we were able to use all the time that was given to us!

Saturday, our day started early as GebGeb and I were both cosplaying Drakenguard 3 alonside Mao-chan and Vickybunnyangel. We got up early to get ready since both of our costumes were not only complicated but they were also exhausting to put on XD; We met the other girls at 11:00 and started shooting as a group! It was a lot of fun to be the 4 of us, finalle united for this group. Last time, at Anime North, it had been just me and the game was newly released so it felt quite lonely… so it was great so be surrounded by my friends, in cosplay, from the same game!

At 3:00, we lined up for the dreaded masquerade green room. I don’t love green rooms. Aside from judging, which is can be pleased, the rest is a bore. Our judge was Niq (DetailedIllusionCosplay) and he was a delight to explain our cosplays to. After judging and all  your regular green room processing, we settled down for a bit before rehearsing… for 10 mins. The staff wouldn’t let us practice. Wtf, stating that if they let one group practices then they would need to let everyone practice… so we had to improvise and drill the cues in my head (so I don’t forget them…)

We were able to get on stage quite early – thanks to the comprehension and kindness of the staff, I would not have lasted hours in the green room… and from there, it was showtime.

Overall, we did a great job. I was angry with myself because my ribbon got stuck so I turned around a bit early to get it unstuck. You can’t notice it but I know and it made me really annoyed after the masquerade… After the masquerade, all I could think about was to get out of this armor and eat! I then met up with Mike Kowalek and lovely bunch of cosplayers from Toronto. I was supposed to cosplay PJs Ymir that night but my body was rejecting lenses and my wig so I changed out quickly and went out for drinks with friends and ended up partying all night and only coming back Sunday morning!

Sunday morning… I was hangover and barely got any sleep. I ALMOST cancelled my Miki Hoshii cosplay but I was too bummed by the idea so I got a bit of rest and some coffee in me and prayed to the cosplay gods! I made it to the shoot and seeing my group looking so beautiful, I got all the energy I needed for the day!

We shot with Mike Kowalek and than Michaelle Charette. Then, we few of our girls had to leave for the award ceremony… not feeling confident about my performance the day before, I decided not to go and stay with the group. We shot a music video with Kevin Zhao instead!

Than, when we were done filming, I got wind that Vicky, Mao and I won something! An honourable mention for craftmanship — which is really cool because I didn’t expect to win anything. Overall, my hangover Sunday turned out to be the best hangover I’ve ever had haha. Of course, I was really tired and I called it a day at 4pm without really saying goodbye to anyone and went home 😉

Otakuthon had very few downs… but mostly lots of ups! I got to work with photographers I love and admire, cosplay from my all time favourite series, cosplay with friends and just overall had a lot of fun. Cons are supposed to be about fun and fun is something I had a lot of fun that week end! 😀

oh I almost forgot.

Sailor Twerk.

Katy Perry lashes review

I was at Shopper’s today and I noticed these lashes in a gift section and was quite intrigued by them. I had read a couple of interesting reviews on these lashes and thought I would try them myself! There are four different designs and they all are packaged beautifully. The boxes remind me of Japanese cosmetics, such as Dolly Wink.

I decided to give the Oh, Honey! since they seemed to be quite natural. Oh My! is quite dramatic and I couldn’t think of any occasions where wearing such lashes would actually look nice on me. Sweeties also has a more natural look and I liked how the ends of the lashes are thicker; it reminds me a lot of popular Diamond lashes. Finally, Cool Kitty seems to be the type of lashes I would wear at night, although they kind of remind me of lashes you can get in those 10 for 2$ boxes.

What I like: the lashes are very dense, they don’t look bulky. The length it also ideal and the curl is perfect: some lashes are too curly and end up poking the top of my eyelid. If you would like a more intense curl, they can easily be curled, although they will most likely not fit in a regular eyelashes curler unless you trim them. If you wish to do the elongated lash line style of make up ( like in gyaru ), I recommend using the KOJI no 100 lashes curler to curl them! The lashband is very think, invisible and flexible, making the lashes very light. They are so light, you don’t feel like you’re wearing lashes!

What I didn’t like: the glue that comes with the lashes is not worth trying to use. I recommend sticking to your favorite glue and not wasting your time with the sample provided. Another thing I didn’t like is that the lashes looks little bit shiny. I also wished that that another pair was included since they seem quite fragile and I’m pretty sure they will wear out in no time…

Overall, I think they are very good lashes and I think that they can easily be used for Japanese style make-up! They are also way above other lashes sold in drugstores in terms of quality. The price is quite reasonable and they can easily be found at Shopper’s for 7,99$! Review


How it works

First you take a fashion personality quizz that helps JustFab offer you shoes according to your taste every month in your personalized boutique. You can then chose one of the two subscription options: pay as you go or VIP.


Personally, I find the VIP program more interesting: the shoes are all priced at 39.95$ USD and you have no obligation to buy every month. If you don’t find anything you like in your boutique or in their complete selection of thousands of shoes, you can simply skip the month and your won’t be charged. It’s very important that you skip your month, otherwise, you are charged and received a store credit. To avoid that, I set a monthly alarm on my iPhone hehe. If you’re scared that you will forget to skip every other month, you can still opt for the pay as you go option.


The shoes are FABULOUS and very comfortable. I chose a size 9, although I usually wear size 9 1/2 as they don’t offer half size after size 9. The colour was exactly as pictured and the velvety material was very nice. The shoe was tad small on me, and altought they are made out of synthetic material, I was able to stretch them enough so that they fit perfectly on my feet. The shoes are very comfortable and I wore them for the first time on a night out with friends. The heel is very sturdy and although the heels are towering (5 1/2 inches!!!! ) I didn’t feel that I was about to fall over. The design and colour of the shoe work for both dressy and casual outfits. Finally, the peep toe is suitable for girls with long toes / greek feet, it doesn’t make your toes look too long at all.

Why I might not order again

Shipping to Canada is absolutely ridiculous. Although the website claims free shipping is included, there is actually a 9$ surcharge for shipping to Canada. What irritated me was that you receive a tracking number… that does not work. So I contacted customer service and I was informed that tracking options are not always available for parcels to Canada, it’s a 50 – 50 thing. From a customer point of view, you should not surcharge for a service that’s only works for 50% of your customer. So until they can arrange more stable shipping options for Canadian customers, I will seriously reconsider buying from there as it’s simply not convenient to try to guess from their 4 to 10 business days shipping window on what day my parcel might arrive. I was lucky that someone was home since they ended up arriving while I was in Connecticut…

Final review

Shoe selection: (5 / 5)
Quality: ( 5 / 5 )
Pricing: ( 4 / 5 )
Shipping ( 2 / 5)
Customer Service: ( 3 / 5) – email replies are copy paste from website, and they deleted my comment from their FB page wtf

You can subscribe to JustFab here

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Blue


Recently, I’ve been hanging out a lot with my friend Marie and she’s pretty much the queen of circle lenses so I decided to get myself new lenses from Candylens.

First off, super cute packaging: someone who pays so much attention to matching the free cases to the colour of the lenses that I’m ordering is a winner: definitely buying from them again. Plus, they wrote me a sweet hand written card:


Isn’t that super sweet? I’m all about customer service and this my friends, is great service! But what about the lenses…

I always wore GEO, Neo or EOS but Marie has told me good things about Barbie Eyes… plus the pattern was super cute and the blue extremely vibrant!

IMG_0758Diameter: 16.00mm Water content: 48% Base curbe: 8.6mm

I find that they blend with my natural eye colour quite naturally. They are really comfortable to wear event though my eyes are extremely sensitive… I was able to wear them at work but they became uncomfortable after a few hours since the air at my workplace is extremely dry…

Design and colour: ♥♥♥♥♥
Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♡
Price: ♥♥♥♥♥

Take a look at my card!

Recently, I’ve been meeting bloggers from all over the world while working and every time, they gave me their blog card! Whenever asked for mine… I would write down my URL on the back of my job business’ card, which I found kinda meh… so after seeing the nice card that Emily sent me with her beauty package, I decided that I should also get cards from!

Here’s what they look like!


IMG_0376I put my family name on the card but I’m still hesitant when it comes to publishing it online ^^’ Even my email and personal Facebook don’t display my family name…

Mmhmm isn’t something odd about these cards? That’s right! These are actually MINI CARDS!!

Here is what the size is compared to my job’s business card! Mini Cards from are 70mm x 28mm which I think is a very nice and unique size for a blogger’s card!


I ordered the a pack of 100 cards (16.99$) on September 14th along with a pink Mini Card Holder (4.24$) with regular shipping (7.50$) for a total of 28.73$ after first order discount 🙂

You might think “mhmm that sounds quite expensive for only 100 cards” and frankly, I thought it was to until I got my hands on the cards. According to MOO, I was supposed to received my order on October 13th… but I received it on September 23rd! I took a little bit over a week to print and reach my home.

IMG_0373 IMG_0374
The cards came in this nice box 🙂

Not only did my cards arrive way before I expected them to, the quality of the paper and the image is simply amazing. The paper is very thick which makes the card very solid: should someone bend it, it bounces right back to its original shape! As for the design, I decided to go with the picture that I use as my banner… which was taken with an iPod Touch.

While you are designing your cards on Moo’s website, there is a tool that allows you to enhance your picture for printing: it made my design come out beautifully and you can’t spot a single pixel at all, even if it was taken with a 3MP camera!


e000_009Overall, MOO did a great job on my cards and I would recommend every blogger to get their cards from them! The fun thing is that if you have no idea what to do for your card design, MOO has tons of designs to chose from 🙂

And just to inspire to create your own cards, MOO added a few codes to share with my friends… well readers are friends too so go ahead and use these codes!


So… who wants to exchange cardse000_076

(play from 1:27 hehehe~)

Korea: Hedwig and the Angry Inch Musical

Hi everyone! I’m back to Montreal. The past week has been quite busy with getting back to work and school on top of my left hand giving me a lot of troubles… we suspect that I might have some form of carpal tunnel… but hey! That won’t stop me from blogging oh oh oh~

I want to write about my trip as fast as possible before I can forget details and one of the first thing I wanted to write about was a musical that I got the chance to see in Seoul.


I got the tickets… well that’s another story really and I’m not quite sure if it’s ok to mention it but let’s just say it’s a mix of a good friend’s help, apple ice cider and maybe a bit of generosity? (edit: I got the tickets throough Dominique who is friends with Dongwan) But back to the musical now.

If you have never heard of Hedwig, it’s a musical written by John Cameron Mitchell that focuses on Hedwig, a german “girlyboy”,who speaks to the audience about her botched sex change, her failed marriage and, most importantly, Thommy Gnosis who ran away with Hedwig’s song and became famous. It has been running in Korea for 5 years now and the show has featured some big names in industry: that night, Hedwig was played by Kim Dong Wan from Shinhwa.

kimdongwanI hope I’m not breaking too many teenage fantasies with this…

I not really good at reviewing these things but I have to say that I really enjoyed the show! Now, I don’t speak Korea so I did my research beforehand so I could understand what the story was about and I also listened to a few songs so I thought I knew what to expect but I wrong: the show was way better then what I expected. At first, Kim Dong Wan was hilarious as a drag… it was a bit shocking because he was so natural at it, one would thing he has done that all his life hahaha! But the show takes a dramatic turn and that’s where he really shines as an actor and a live singer.

The last representation was in August 21st but with luck, it will keep running for another season! If you happen to be in Seoul and it’s showing at the Sang Sang Musical Art Hall, go ahead, it’s a lot of fun!

Aaaannnnd… you might run into some of the cast 😉


Myself, Kim Dong Wan and my friend Angela


Posing with Kim Dong Wan… too bad the picture was blurry and my camera
died right after!

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed a cosmetic product. I’ve been quite a good student lately so I decided that I deserved a little present from me to me with all my love so I got Dolly Wink’s Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black!

First of all, the packaging is extremely cute. As for the size of the eyeliner; it is a little bit smaller and thinner compared to Revlon’s Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen.



The brush is 9mm long and very thin at the tip. At first, I thought it was a felt brush but looking closely at it, I realised that it is actually made of fibers. Knowing this eyeliner already has great reviews, I decided to put it right to the test!

1 2

3 4

  1. I tested how easy it was to and the ability to make thin lines – check!
  2. I have a problem with eyeliners smudging and cracking throughout the day, even with a good primer so I rubbed the eyeliner very hard (harder then anyone would ever rub their eyes!) and tugged on my skin, trying to make the eyeliner crack but nothing happened. The colour seems a little bit less intense but the area around it is still clean.
  3. Waterproof uh? Alright, I placed my hand under cold water and rubbed the eyeliner with a finger for a good 15 seconds and, again, it didn’t budge!
  4. I’m a very lazy person: I shower before removing my make-up then clean what’s waterproof with make up remover later. A few seconds under warm water and barely any rubbing is all it took to clean this liner!

Lancôme Artliner in Noir VS Dolly Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black

I love it. Love love love love love it! I use Lancôme’s Artliner and I’ve never been completely satisfied with it but at its price, you convince yourself that you are! Artliner is very pigmented but the tip of the brush is round and makes it tricky at times to wing your eyeliner as it is too flexible. Also, the formula is not as smudge-proof as I would like it do be. In comparison, Dolly Wink’s tip is a lot easier to control, not too hard, not too flexible. The formula is smudge proof, dries quickly and easy to remove (no make-up remover required!)

In my opinion, Dolly Wink is a much better eyeliner than Lancôme’s and at a fraction of the cost including shipping cost. However, I wish it was also offered in brown! Koji, please tell us you have a brown one coming up ;D

Canmake Cream Cheek Review

Quite a decent blogger I’m becoming! Two updates in two days and I already have another blog post that I’m going to post later this week-end!

Lately my life has been pretty boring (work, school, work…) but I’m really happy since B-Oppa is back in Montreal! Long time readers will remember that B-Oppa is an amazing friend with whom I’ve had hilarious drinking adventures. We are going to hang out together this week-end for a friend’s birthday, I can’t wait to see everyone together again!

Other then knowing my friend is in town, I got a package in the mail this morning which made my day; 2 canmake cream cheek blushes!

 05 Sweet Apricot and 02 Cherry Pink

IMG_1397 IMG_1398
I have to say, at first, I thought I got fake ones since they are ridiculously small! So I looked at pictures of people holding their Canmake blushes and it reassured me that it is supposed to be the same size of a L’Oreal HIP eye shadow duo (no pictures but I just compared them side by side and it’s the same). Even though it is ridiculously small, the packaging is amazingly cute and you really have a lot of product.

The cream blush itself is quite pigmented and I’m sure these are going to last me a very long time. It’s also very easy to apply; I don’t think I’m ever going to use powder blush ever again since it’s so much easier to apply and blend. Both blushes have glitter in it but they are very fine and the Sweet Apricot has less then the Cherry Pink.

I’m not really good when it comes to make-up reviewing terms and all… but overall; I love these blushes and now I realllllly want to get all the colors available!!

That’s it for today… sorry I didn’t take any pictures of me with the blush applied… I bruised my upper lip and it’s quite swollen right now; it looks like someone punched me in the face! I’ll spare you at least that =) edit: here are some swatches instead!

IMG_1414 IMG_1416

oh yeah, temporary template… in need for a change; I want a bit more color then just black and white this time~ please bare with me while I’m playing around~

UPDATE: Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!! You guys are so silly for celebrating one month late~ Haha just kidding, have a nice holiday (and enjoy all that crazy shopping you guys have in the US!)

Yumetembou Loungewear <3

I recently ordered from Yumetembou with the wonderful Akane and we received our order last week! God Bless Japanese post… how is it that they are incredibly fast even when you pay for the most basic shipping option available? Oh well~

I was gonna make a review but I ended up camwhoring more so I’ll post every item in different posts (AND those are gonna count as outfit posts! Yay!)

The first item I fell in love is this cute lounge wear at 980Y

I’m really happy with this one! The fabric is really soft and the sizing is perfect =3 I usually go for medium when it comes to PJs, especially for shorts so I ordered a L and it fits perfectly! The straps are a little bit loose but that’s not a problem unique to this PJ… damn you small chest!!


I felt this picture is a little bit revealing legwise… but oh well~ I’ve got my plushie Big Doudou distracting you from the skin! 8D

I edited this picture in twelve different ways…

IMG_1328-2 IMG_1328-3

Didn’t want to let all that editing be useless… since I obviously LOVE the – clarity button in Adobe Lightroom!! haha

Circle lenses: EOS Adult Green

Wow! I haven’t reviewed a pair of circle lenses in a while! I have to be honest, I’ve been busy but I feel so bad for not reviewing earlier… mukuCHU is such a sweet and understanding sponsor! Recently, EOS released a bunch of interesting circle lenses so I will have more reviews for you very soon!!

I already reviewed the EOS Adult in Violet but I think the Green needs a review of its own since the effect on the eyes is so different from the Violet! Also, the design was renewed and compared side by side to the EOS Violet, it has improved a lot!


Disclaimer: These lenses were sponsored by mukuCHU, however this review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: Like I mentioned in my previous reviews, I have very sensible eyes so wearing lenses in a dry place is quite uncomfortable for me… so I tested these lenses at my college, where the air is VERY dry. My eyes felt a little bit blurry after a few hours but drops fixed this problem quickly.

Enlargement: these lenses are 14.0mm so don’t expect a very big enlargement, but it’s subtle enough for me.

Color and Design: the color is AMAZING, it is much more saturated and vibrant then the Adult Violet. The clear pixels are still very present which helps create a perfect blend with my natural eye color. I would recommend these lenses for anyone who has light eyes, especially blue eyes since blue blends nicely with green. I think these lenses would be very nice for cosplay as well since the colour really pops out in pictures. I received A LOT of compliments while wearing these at school and I couldn’t help but camwhore a little bit while taking pictures for this review!

 IMG_1148 IMG_1151IMG_1152

I hope you enjoyed this circle lenses review. For a pleasant transaction, please visit mukuCHU’s shop if you would like to purchases these lenses!

Which lenses should I review next? I find the Glitter and Flower series really interesting!

My first Shibuya 109 loot!

It’s here! It’s finally here!

Recently I tweeted that I ordered something from Yumetembou using Japonica and here’s that I got!

I only ordered one item since I wanted to try out before I order a lot of items. In August there is Otakuthon (which I’m preparing cosplays for right now x.X) AND Montreal Matsuri. If you want more info on the Matsuri, check their website and Facebook event!


This is the item I ordered.

I’m not exactly sure how exactly you call those type of yukata so let’s just call it shorts yukata for now…

This is a jinbei, according to Ria! Thanks!

I like wearing a yukata for the Matsuri and during the event, you can rent one but I’ve been wanting one for a while and then I fell in love with this one! It has Kitty all over it!! *.* I remembered Mistu at Universal-Doll talked about Japonica so I gave it a try~

I’m sooooooo happy with the service! They contact you by e-mail, which is something I prefer when buying something online: I like to talk to a real human being behind a computer. This way, I asked questions and the Japonica staff replied quickly. It was very reassuring! The parcel was also marked as a gift so no taxes =D

P28-07-10_13.01[03]close up of the pattern

I will absolutely order more items from Yumetembou now that I know their sizing is good for me~ I know it’s not the top brand of gyaru fashion, but who said I was gyaru anyway? =P I also scanned the 8 pages flyers Yumetenbou sent in case you are interested: June and July. (if reposted somewhere else, please link back!!)

P28-07-10_13.02 P28-07-10_13.01[02]
sin make-up pictures, I was too excited to write this post ASAP,
I didn’t bother with make-up and hair lol

Did you notice how my phone matches the jinbei?? 8D

ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY: I did not forget, don’t worry!

Circle Lenses: EOS Pure Gray

I love to wear circle lenses but sometimes, I want something more subtle. On my last review, I showed you how stunning the Candy Color are! However, lately, I’ve been wanting something more toned down so mukuCHU sent me the EOS Pure Gray to review!


Disclaimer: These lenses were sponsored by mukuCHU, however this review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: I’m starting to think I might not need to comment on the comfort of EOS lenses anymore: again, these are really comfortable!

Enlargement: The enlargement is very small: the black ring is very thin.

Design: The design reminds me of the Max Pure lenses but toned down! I would recommend these lenses for people who are just starting with lenses: when you’re not sure what type of lenses would suit you, I think you should start with something simple and work your way through more complicated designs. I think Pure Gray is one of the best lens you can get if you have light eyes and you want to have the dark ring effect: bolder dark rings look to weird on light eyes!

You can also notice from the picture that the color fades nicely into my natural eye color!

P1010596my naked eye, for comparison

I hope you enjoyed this review!!

I’m sorry for not posting a full face picture with this review! I’m in the process of getting a better camera so that I can have better quality pictures. Once this is done: I’ll upload a post with full face pictures of all the lenses that I have!

In the meantime, please check mukuCHU’s shop for more lenses! The next review will be about the new EOS Adult Green! I’m also writing a post about proper circle lens care and on the recent articles about how circle lenses can be dangerous! Please keep an eye on that~

Circle lenses: EOS Candy Color Blue

EOS’ new Candy Color are probably the hottest lenses released recently! Even Tsubasa is wearing them in her promotional pictures for Dolly Wink! MukuCHU,kindly sent me a pair of Blue Candy Color to test them and here is what I thought of these lenses.


I sure can! =D


Disclaimer: These lenses were sponsored by mukuCHU, however this review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: This time again, EOS proved that they make really comfortable lenses. I was a bit worried at first because even though it’s a 14.5mm lenses, they look much bigger so I was worried they would be less comfortable but it wasn’t the case at all.

Enlargement: Even though these lenses have the same diameter as the Dizon eyes, the enlargement is amazing!

Design: I have to admit, I was a bit scared when I got these lenses… I’ve been saying in my past reviews that I liked lenses that had a gradient pattern because they would blend easily in my eye color for a more natural style. However, Idlfvt’s kinda the opposite with the Candy Color. The dark rim is REALLY thick and REALLY bold while the color pattern is concentrated near the black rim with a little bit of fading towards the middle of the lens. Against the odds… I actually LOVE these lenses!! Because the color is soooo pigmented, it boosts my natural eye color and the dark rim really completes the dolly eye effect.

I even have to admit that these, lenses really give a manga-eye type of look! I think they would be especially great for cosplayers!

I hope you enjoyed this review! I’ll be posting another review in a few days on EOS Pure in Gray. In the meantime, please don’t mind my camwhoring



Circle Lenses: EOS Super Nudy Pink

Pink lenses are the new big thing this year when it comes to circle lenses. All the companies are fighting to develop the best pink design and I thought it was time for me to test a pink lens! MukuCHU kindly sent me a pair of EOS Super Nudy in pink for me to review!


Disclaimer: These lenses were sponsored by mukuCHU, however this review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: I’m starting to believe that EOS make really comfortable lenses when it comes to people who have dry eyes like me. Again, I didn’t feel any discomfort while wearing these lenses. =D

Enlargement: These lenses are 14.5mm but they don’t give a freaky-ish enlargement at all!

Color and design: This is the interesting part. In a previous review, I mentioned how I liked that lens designers would leave clear space in the design so that the lens color could blend in with the eye color. This is a great thing when you have pale eyes and you’re looking into green, blue or grey eyes. However, when it comes to flashy colors like pink, yellow and such, this type of pattern is not enough. You probably noticed that the lens doesn’t really look pink on my eye at all. I’ve tried to take pictures in different lighting but the result is the same: it’s gives my eyes a little bit of pink but nothing outstanding. Therefore, if you are interested in bright pink lenses and you have light eyes like me, I wouldn’t recommend these lenses unless you are looking for a subtle feel.

I hope this review was useful! Let me know if you tried pink circle lenses and which one is your favourite! I think the Sakura Flower looks interesting, has anyone tried it?

My make-up top 10

Yay!! Exams are FINALLY over and I’m officially in summer vacations! There are so many things I’ve been wanting to blog about so please look forward to that! Also, I twitted recently that I had an interview… well I got the job and I’m really happy! Fred is back in the hotel business!

In the mean time, a lot of you asked me many make-up related questions on formspring! So I decided to combine these to form a top 10 of my favourite make-up products~

1. Covergirl’s Lash Blast Length
This is my absolute favourite mascara. The formula top10is dry so you can apply many many layers and it doesn’t clump at all. Perfect if you just want clean and simple lashes without too much drama.

2. ELF High Definition Powder
This is a great finishing translucid powder. Not only does it set make-up quite nicely but it also erases fine lines and pores. Buy it… it’s only 6$ !

3. and 4. Maybelline’s Colorsensational lipsticks
I LOOOOOOOOOVE these lipsticks! My two favourite colors are 015 Born with it and 025 Pink Please. I can’t go anywhere without carrying one of these in my purse.

5. L’Oréal Paris’ Telescopic Explosion Mascara
I like this mascara a lot when it comes to applying mascara to my lower lashes. My lower lashes are quite long (I have to trim them once in a while…) so it gets quite messy with regular brushes.

6. ELF Cream Liner
I tried Coastal Scents’ gel liner… and it sucked. I was suspicious when I bought this liner but this 3$ line surprised me! It’s creamy, doesn’t smudge and last a long time even without primer! A must, in my opinion~

7. Almay’s Smart Shade Concealer
I stay up late playing video games or watching Buffy on my computer to dark circles are my enemies! My friend Hazuki recommended me this concealer on twitter and it’s by far one of the best concealer I tried! I also like ELF Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter but I couldn’t find it so I didn’t include it in the picture =(

8. Revlon’s Color Stay in Ivory
I don’t use foundation a lot but I like this one since it’s hydrating and as tiny bit of SPF 🙂 It’s light and buildable and it doesn’t feel cacky at all!

9. Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto
Another mascara that I mainly use for my bottom lashes~ It’s darker and tens to clump a bit but when I need a tiny brush and a waterproof formula, that’s what I go for =)

10. Maybelline’s Colossal Volume Express
My second absolute favourite mascara! It’s very dark and it’s great when I want to blend my lashes with my falsies.

There you have it~ If you guys have more questions or post ideas, make sure to leave a comment or write to me via the form in the contact section or on formspring!

À la prochaine~ signature

Circle lenses: NEO Celeb Green

First of all, I would like to thank Mitsu for featuring me in her “Gal around the web and 7 summer Beauty Faves” post! I love reviewing circle lenses and it makes me so happy that people enjoy it!

I mentioned in my previous review that one of my all time favourite were the NEO Celeb Green. Sadly, these lenses have expired since I bought them over a year ago so the following pictures aren’t recent (I believe they were taken after I recovered from my “bad fall”)


Disclaimer: I’m NOT sponsored by EOS or any shop (not for these!). This review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: These are VERY comfortable lenses. I remember going to a friend’s place for a birthday party in the middle of winter: the apartment was very warm and dry but I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. It’s definitely one of the pairs I wore the most because of how comfortable they were!

Enlargement: the size of this lens is 14,2mm which is quite small compared to other circle lenses however, this is probably due to the design, it really gives a big eyes effect!

Color and design: What I loved about these lenses is that the result on my eyes were the same that someone with dark eyes would get since the color design is quite opaque. Unfortunately, you can’t see this on this picture but the green pixel faded in quite nicely with my blue eyes.


This is a pair of lenses I will definitely buy again, as soon as I find a reliable NEO reseller.

I’ll have more circle lenses review coming up! If you follow me on twitter, you probably know that mukuCHU circle contact lenses store will be sponsoring me some circle lenses! If you have lenses you would like me to review, please let me know in the comment section below =Dsignature

Circle lenses: EOS Dizon Eyes Grey

I mentioned before that these lenses are my all-time favourite lenses yet I never made a proper review! Shame on me! If go on EOS website, it is model number G201.

P1010319please don’t mind my messy brows and my lack of make-up >.<

Disclaimer: I’m NOT sponsored by EOS or any shop (although it would be lovely). This review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: Since my eyes get dry easily, I’m quite picky when it comes to circle lenses. Until recently, no lenses could compare with my Neo Celeb Green but the Dizon Eye just shoved Neo Celeb in its corner. This lens is so comfortable, I can wear it almost anymore and I feel barely any discomfort.

Enlargement: the size of this lens is 14,5mm which is a little bit bigger then most GEO lenses. On my eyes, it gives a good enlargement.

Color and Design: If you have always hated Leah Dizon for her amazing eyes that even captured the heart of Nishikido Ryo, you’ll be happy with these lenses because they give you that dark yet sexy look. I would recommend this lens for people who have blue eyes that have grey tones: the lens blends more easily this way with your natural eye color. What I love with these lenses is that they give you a similar effect a all-black circle lens would give you but with a hit of grey.

You can also notice on the picture above that my irises are quite small: when I took this picture, I purposely aimed my desk light in front of my face to show you how the lenses perfectly blend!

P1010311the lenses in their case

I hope you enjoyed this review and that it was helpful for someone~ I’ll write about circle lenses again very soon: I enjoy writing these a lot~


Circle lenses: EOS Adult Violet

I’m happy to see that a lot are enjoying my last circle lens review! I’ll make sure to keep up with the review! Today I’ll be reviewing EOS Adult Violet! It’s a two tone lens and the diameter is 14.0 mm. If you go on EOS website, it is model number E-203.


Disclaimer: I’m NOT sponsored by EOS or any shop (although it would be lovely). This review is based on my own personal experience.

EOS Adult Violet is, in my opinion, an excellent lens for girls with blue eyes who are looking for a lens that has a kick of color but a subtle design.

Comfort: Like I mentioned in my previous review, my eyes get dry easily whenever I wear any type of lenses so drops are mandatory for me. However, while wearing these lenses, I felt a little bit uncomfortable and I had to use drops every 2 hours whenever I wore them. Not the most comfortable pair of lens I’ve tried, especially from EOS…

Enlargement: Enlargement always depends on the size of your eyes: again, these lenses are 14.0 mm in diameter which enlarged my eyes a little bit.

Color and Design: Although the lens is called Adult Violet, on blue eyes, it sometimes look more pink then blue: which is pretty cool in my opinion. Of course, on darker eyes, the color really comes out as a beautiful violet. Again, the design has a lot of “clear pixels” which allows your natural eye color to blend in perfectly with the lens’ design. What surprised me the most about this lens is how sheer the design seems to be when you first look at it! When I got them, I though: “There’s no way THIS is going to make by eyes violet!” but I was wrong!

You can see from the add that the design looks very… pale. Don’t let it influence you because it is a great lens for both dark and light eyes!

I hope this review was helpful! I’ll be writing about circle lenses again very soon! In the meantime, keep an eye on Violet’s blog, she also has a circle lenses review coming up =)

Decoden: shop review!

Note: this is NOT an advertorial but an honest review. Please enjoy~!

I’ve been into decoden for a little while and I must say: I’m addicted! It has become an habit to decorate everything that I can find! The cuter, the better! Right?

Up until now, I’ve been ordering at Strapya. Even though they offer a great shipping service and a large variety of straps, they don’t have a lot of polymer clay items besides flowers,

I don’t really know how, but I found Fullmoon Decoden! It’s a great website managed by YUKI, a great nail artist from Japan. She offers a large variety of items for nail arts, decoden, charms and handmade accessories.

Here is the package:


Everything was nicely wrapped bubble wrap  as well as lots of foamy little thingies (don’t know the name that that…). I was a little bit worried since two of my items were mirrors but they arrived just fine!

P1010265   P1010260

P1010261   P1010262

P1010263    P1010264

  • 2 Clay Rose in Light pink and Clear pink
  • 1 Love heart sand cookie
  • 2 Belgian waffle in Choco and Light pink
  • 1 Ribbon macaroon in Light pink
  • 1 Choco chip cookie in Light pink
  • 1 Hello Kitty ribbon in black

And here’s a pic with a ruler to give you an idea of the size:


And now with the mirrors! I just couldn’t resist, there were too cute! =D


But the best part is that, kind YUKI included small packet of various rhinestones and other decoration parts! Who doesn’t love freebies!


For a total of 19,90$USD, including shipping, I’ve got all this loot to decorate my phone!

Talking about phone, I had to remove my deco because my phone keeps freezing and shutting down for no reason! No matter what people… DON’T get an LG NEON! 

I have to go to Fido this week and complain about it… hopefully they’ll exchange it and I’ll bug them for another phone! No way I’m getting another NEON!

FFXIII: Complete Official Guide Review

So I wrote about how to defeat Odin a little bit earlier this week. I’m happy I wrote that blog entry since it got a lot of views and it helped a few people out there.

The day after I wrote that entry, I went to EB Games with my friend Katt who had just bought the game to check out the strategy guide and I decided to buy it!

I’m really happy I bought this book, I use it quite often while I’m playing… but I especially like to read it before going to sleep~ Keeps my in the spirit of the game even when I’m not playing!
  • MONSTER STATS: probably my favourite part of the whole book: when I’ having a hard time in a battle and I want to save my technical points for summon, I check the stats in the book
  • The walkthrough is very detailed and it was written by non-hardcore-grinding people. They also warn you when there is a spoiler ahead. I like to peak
  • You get a lot for what you pay for (around 30$). 258 pages, glossy paper with loads of pictures!
  • A lot of details on jobs and paradigms. Almost every combination is explored.
  • I don’t like the paperback… I could have gotten the limited edition with hard cover but I didn’t want to pay more before making sure the guide was worth it. I’ll probably cover the book with a plastic protector because some of the corners are curling already =(

So if you are loving FFXIII just like me, I recommend the guide since it’s fun to read and it’s definitely worth more then what you pay more.

Circle lenses: GEO Nudy Color Grey

ENOUGH with procrastinating! I’ve been saying I’ll review all my circle lenses for months now. My reviews will mostly be oriented towards girls who wear circle lenses and have light eyes (blue or green). Since circle lenses are designed in Asia, the lens are made to enhance dark coloured eyes (black or brown) so finding circle lenses are light eyes can sometimes be a headache.

Today I’ll start with GEO Nudy Color Grey, a great lens for girls with blue eyes who are looking for something subtle in terms of colour and enlargement.

No photoshop on this picture. Natural lighting.

Disclaimer: I’m NOT sponsored by GEO or any shop (although it would be lovely). This review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: I’ve worn contact lenses for a while and I always had this problem with lenses whenever I’m in a place where the air is too dry so whenever I’m wearing lenses, my eyes often feel dry after a few hours. So I usually carry eye drops for my dry eyes. With these lenses, my eyes don’t get dry as fast as they normally do whenever I’m wearing regular contact lenses. I would say that so far, this pair of circle lenses is one of the most comfortable on the market right now!

Enlargement: Enlargement always depends on the size of your eyes. Some people get the halo effect with this lens but I don’t. The size of this lens is 14mm in diameter and it gives my eyes a slight enlargement. Whenever I shop for circle lenses, I don’t especially look for a big enlargement effect.

Colour and design: The colour is VERY nice! It suits any girl with blue eyes PERFECTLY! You can notice on the design picture below that there is a lot of “clear pixel” between the grey pixels: this is something to look out for whenever you are buying circle lenses if you have light eyes. The more you have these “clear pixels” between the coloured parts, the more the circle lens will blend in with your natural eye colour, which is something I personally recommend. With this kind of design, your natural eye colour blends with the lens and it’s not apparent that you are wearing circle lenses~ No wonder they named it Nudy~


I hope my review was helpful and I’ll be writing more very soon about circle lenses~

hint hint: Next one will be GEO Blue Wing! (which is now called Olive on GEO’s website o.O)