Change of heart




Or hair? I don’t know, major hair changes have always followed some romance drama but I’ve been single for a while now. So now, I just do whatever I want with my hair whenever I want 🙂

I touched up my hair and decided to had more blue than usual in my mix. At first, my hair turned out grape purple and I was horrified so I washed it several times with strong shampoo until it came out fuschia with purple low lights. I did the same with my extensions and left the ends untouched to have some sort of pink gradiant.

Both the low lights and the gradiant were very hard to capture on camera since they are so subtle… oh well.

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  • hehe ~ ^^

  • thank you! I had a lighter shade of pink before but it was so hard to maintain ^^” I like dark pink becomes it’s slower to fade and when it does, it fades to a nice light pink! 😀

  • omg! AWESOME!

  • I really like it! pink hair suits you
    I like the pink to be lighter, not so vibrant but it still suits you =]

  • Thank you! You should go for it!! 😀

  • aww thank you <3

  • thank you 😀

  • I wouldn’t mind that! I lovveeeeee it when people play with my hair!! 😀


  • varisvarjo

    Ohhhhh that looks really wonderful! *___* I love your haircolor ♥

  • Ohh *____* Wish I could follow you and play with your hair every second 😀

  • Bea

    Love how vibrant the color is! Been wanting that mix or something like G-Dragon’s pink hair. 🙂

  • Oh gosh, yes. @~@ Thankfully, yours don’t. c:

  • thanks! I remember her hair color! It was so nice but her hair looked so fried :O

  • thank you 😀

  • I quite like your new hair color! o: Reminds me of Jia’s hair when Miss A first came out. xD It’s a nice color though, and it looks gorgeous on you~

  • Candace Van Hulle

    I think it turned out nice.