Daily Outfit: sweet marine

You asked for it! Here it is!

Today I woke up quite late and everybody already had plans for the day so I was moping on MSN when Emeraude came online~ We decided to meet-up and eat ice cream in the Old Port.

don’t have a full length mirror~ sorry TwT

Shirt: H&M
Cancan hat: Ebay
Purse: Payless
Black Jeans: Urban Planet
Sandals (not in pic) : Aldo

I’m loving the cancan hat trend! On sunny days, it’s important to cover your head, especially if you get heat stroke easily like me! I think I’m going to wear this hat very often, it’s too cute!

DSC01376 DSC01378


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  • Shmoo

    thank you~

    since I’m tall it’s more of a tunic on me XD

  • Violet

    Totally adorable! I love the the hat and the dress 😀