FFXIII: How to defeat Barthandelus

That motherf-….! He’s a real pain in the ass to beat! BUT I’m back again with another explanation on how to beat the shit out of him and give that Sovereign a well deserved beating!

Before we get to the detailed explanation, I have to tell you guys… If you haven’t maxed out the all of your job levels, well you have some grinding to do. Luckily, you can still do so on the Bridge Access. Once every job is maxed out for every character, you’re in business.

edit: by maxed out, I meant the maximum level you can reach at this point in the game, for me, the Crystalium didn’t go higher then level 3 for each job.

So here are the paradigms you’ll be using for this boss:

*Bully Commando Saboteur Synergist
Diversity Ravager Commando Medic
Relentless Assault Ravager Commando Ravager
Combat Clinic Medic Sentinel Medic
Hero’s Charge Medic Commando Synergist
Tireless Charge Commando Commando Medic

Items you’ll need: Fortisol and Librascope

Before you go in for the fight, use a Fortisol: this will cast Bravery, Faith and Haste at the start of the battle.

Make sure to make Bully your active paradigms: this way, as soon as the battle starts, Fang will cast Slow and Hope will add a few buffs to the ones your have because of the Fortisol. Switch to Diversity and use a Librascope to know your opponent’s weakness. Now you can start destroying the Ailettes and Pauldrons.

I alternated between Diversity and Relentless Assault to stagger each ailette and pauldron, The sooner you get rid of them, the sooner the real fight starts.

Once all the ailettes and pauldrons are gone, Barthandelus won’t be casting elemental spells but reaaallllly powerful physical attacks so make sure you switch once in a while to Hero’s Charge to rebuff.

Even if he doesn’t have any weakness, use Diversity and Relentless Assault to try to stagger him and deal as much as damage possible. No time to be picky here. Soon, he’ll start charging up for his Destrudo attack. When you see the warning, switch to Tireless Charge and make sure all of your characters are healed. Keep attacking him with Lighting and Fang because I noticed that when you do so:

  • it will sometimes interrupt this charge process
  • it reduces the damage taken by Fang and Lighting

After 10-15 seconds, switch to Hero’s Charge or Bully and make sure you have all the buffs that you need. Around 30 seconds after he started charging up, he’ll be attacking so be fast and switch to Combat Clinic and heal LIGHTNING (your leader) first! Hope will be healing her too but he’s slow sometimes so be selfish.
On my first two tries, whenever he would start charging up, I would switch to Combat Clinic, heal everybody and just… wait for the attack (which was pretty stupid now that I think of it…).
Once everybody is ready to go, repeat the whole process again.
It’s basically a cycle:

Diversity –> Relentless Assault –> Hero’s charge –>

Tireless Charge –> Combat Clinic


Tip: After a while, you might be tempted to summon Odin. If you really want to summon Odin, wait at the end. Barthandelus has the tendency to cast doom on your leader. Two times out of three, it was right after I summoned Odin. However, even if you don’t summon Odin… he’s still going to cast doom anyway…

If you keep this up, you shouldn’t have any problems beating the shit out of this Barthande-ihatehisnametoolong-lus. Don’t freak out when he casts doom, you’ll have plenty of time to finish him off before the it hits zero!


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  • OldTimeFFPlayer

    I know this is an old topic and a older game but i just picked it up again only to this five faced sack of sh** kill me over and over again even tho I have all roles for each character maxed out and not just the 3 starter roles but all roles….. also i can’t get any other selections asides from barthandelus to attack

  • Anonymous

    I hate grinding… but I hate this mother of ever loving poo eating faghole Hades more… so time to grind… n listen to the epic techno in this game lol

  • Just wanted to say that your tips HELPED! YOU ROCK! I didn’t completely max things out, but I was maybe about two, three steps away from getting there. I got anxious and was like “hmmmm time to try this before bed.” Oh man. Knocking back that armor, having my characters beefed up, I hardly lost any HP and was relentless! I used Diversity and Relentless assault. I had Lightning, Snow, and Vanille on my team. Once again, you’re awesome. Thanks for this blog post!

  • kittenval37

    fab thanks, librascope didnt work tried it over and over just unlucky i guese but theses tactics work just keep going and will get done. couldnt feel hands when done but worth it. best guide have found for this

  • Salamsoil

    Actually it’s 20 minutes. I found it out the hard way. Wondered why I got killed when he never attacked (was still charging destrudo).

  • Arkius Kindfire

    great tips thank you. he didn’t cast doom on me though so perhaps i was lucky

  • Anonymous

    For everyone who gets insta-killed by Destrudo, try equpping bangles to increase your party’s health. My lightning has about 1220, which just about keeps her alive. My Hope has 1270, which keeps him around red/yellow. Just stock up on at least 30 potions to use after he uses it so he doesnt kill them before they can heal.

  • i did it a completely different way and got it on my first try without any thing to start off with like the things to cast hast, faith, and bravery. it really wasnt that hard. i mean i didnt even know he casts doom on u until i read the comments

  • Thegamer_18

    actually i reached the point where he casted doom, this was actually my first try on the real fight (not having maxed out jobs but did work well) it was right after i summoned Odin it hit me with doom…. 

  • Jesse

    i’ve tried that strategy, but his stongest attack (the long charge-up) keeps insta-killing me…

  • Tessa9997

    I never have enough time to defeat him after he casts doom . . . Any tips? And btw, thanks for this post it’s way better than most of the other ones concerning the same topic 🙂

  • Victor

    Thanks to your advice, I was able to kick Barthandelus’ ass today =)

  • I’m Gonna Try This.
    Hope It Works.
    I used combat clinic n just waited.it was a tragedy.

  • I am like a year late but whatever, i had a long game vacation.. I keeping dying when he casts doom! His HP is about 50,000 when it happened and i have never made it to under 50k! Its so frustrating and i am seriously pissed! Please help! Also, i Cant have that many paradigms? I can only have four, and you have registrered that you used five? Please help explain this to me!!

  • Lilly

    This is the first “guide” I’ve looked up since I started playing this game, and I feel like it’s gonna help out! :3 I haven’t tried it yet… So, thanks! <3

  • Mandi49505

    I know it’s been awhile since you posted this, but I’m stuck on this part. When you say have them maxed out, do you mean all the secondary branches also? I left those but have all the abilities and role levels. Just wondering if this would be easier if they were completed 100%. Or at least as far as they can go right now.

  • vlad (NYC)

    ugh, i got the new xbox and I tried to transfer my data and some of it got wiped out… Sucks so ive been on a four day bender to get back to this part and i just bead cid… Xbox is a let down sometimes

  • tbone2177

    Thanks for the very helpful guide!! Plus you’re a cutie! 😉

  • Shmoo

    It was my friend’s XBOX that I borrowed that went RROD on me… I didn’t have the courage to start all over again yet… lol

  • vlad (NYC)

    sum is the best, lol just giving u ur due credit hows the rrod going did u get it fix>

  • dudalator

    Finally! it’s dead alrdy.
    Thnx a lot 🙂

  • dudalator

    Well, i’m gonna try it as soon as possible and tell u… Rly hope it works bcause i keep dying by 2nd or 3rd(i don’t remember) destrudo. I’ve been trying to kick his ass a while now but i keep dying.
    If ur guide is as good as all comments say then srsly THANX

  • tommyT

    OMG!!!!! thank you thankyou thankyou!!! you dont know how close i was to giving up!!!! beat him in 10 mins!

  • amsterdam

    thank you verymuch i did it in 9minutes 😀

  • Michelle

    If I knew you, I would hug you and do a little dance with you! LOL Just as I was ready to use my game as a frisbee for the dog, I came across your blog and beat the bastard in 20 minutes. Thank you SOOOO much!

  • TAllie Vang

    i have been trying to beat that itch for so long and i still die wat can i do i really need the guide book but then i found this page i havent used it because i’m not maxed out like you said so i am trying to get all of them maxed out , i hope it works plus i dont have fortisol and other stuff but i’m trying to get them is it alright if i dont have those things? =-X

  • Lil’ Sis

    Thanks so much! This was immensely helpful for me and my brother!

  • Darren

    It worked. I played it 3 times and then got annoyed with it. i didnt play it for months. i went back on it yesterday and failed twice. then failed once today. so i went on the laptop and found this brilliant process of doin it. i did it first time. it took me 15mins tho. But it worked.

  • Shmoo

    I’m glad to know it helped you~ 🙂

  • Ruyokomi

    OMG!!! Thank you so much!!! I couldn’t have done it without this information!!!

  • Shmoo

    If you’re talking about FFXIII…. I haven’t played in a while since the RROD incident XD

  • Shmoo

    thanks! =D

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the help! I got my ass handed to me several times before I read your guide. Very helpful!

  • Pheonixgate

    Seriously, I’ve been all over the web looking for good advice on this boss instead of gamers patting themselves on the back and generally being elitist A-holes. Thank you for your strategy. I beat him before he ever got a chance to cast Doom (which was what was killing me)! Again, THANK YOU. You are made of awesom.

  • Cymoril

    I finally defeated him, it was quite a long fight. I really followed your advise to switch in paradigm Tireless Charge when he made his Destrudo, which weakened his attack a lot.

    Thanks 😉

  • Shmoo


    What job level is Lightning for RAV, COM and MED?

  • Cymoril

    I don’t understand : I am doing exactly what you wrote but his second Destrudo always one shot Lighting, although she is always healed at her maximum life and she has all the necessary buffs from the Synergist …

    Help !

  • Addict47

    NVM…I just beat him. Thanks

  • Shmoo

    it happened to me once and I realized I wasn’t attacking enough, is it possible you spend too much time healing and casting buffs instead of attacking?

  • Addict47

    Yeah, well, i guess i’m just unlucky and the sorry bastard always seems to cast DOOM on me half way through the fight and that’s what always kills me. Not much I can do about it.

  • Shmoo

    what level are your characters right now?

  • Rascandrius

    I hate this boss, and I still can’t defeat hiim even with guid, it sucks so bad that im stock in this parth…

  • Liesbeth

    Hi there

    Thank you very much you have been very helpfull to me.


  • rwills2904@yahoo.com

    Amazing. Thank you so very much for this walkthrough. I’ve been trying for a couple weeks now to beat this guy, but I never could until I read this page! Thanks again!! <3

  • screamy

    Awesome this was exactly what i was looking for. you’re officially my heroine <3

  • Shmoo

    I see, then you’ll have to manually cast Libra on the head… You can check in the retail network, they are both sold at Eden Pharmaceuticals… but i can’t remember if you have that one at that point in the game.

    This is a wild guess but if you cast libra on the main head, you should be able to attack the other heads after. Here’s each head’s weakness: that’ll save you some TP in case you want to summon Odin.

    Left Pauldron: Lightning
    Left Ailette: Fire
    Right Pauldron: Ice
    Right Ailette: Water

  • Chris

    no I dont have librascope or Fortisol

  • Shmoo

    that’s weird… did you use a Librascope at the beginning of the battle?

  • Chris

    I know but the only thing under the attack is Barthandelus … and all my characters are at level 4 at this stage and I still cant beat him

  • Shmoo

    All my character’s role were at level 3: which is the maximum at this point in the game. If you’re not even close to lvl3… you have some grinding to do. I cheked in the strategy guide and they say the same thing =S

    That’s strange… because the main head won’t take a lot of damage as long as the other heads are still there O.o

  • Anonymous

    what level where u at when u fought this dork …. also I cant attack the other heads I only have one choice for attack and thats the main head

  • Katt

    I’m DEFINITELY gonna try this out when I reach that chapter! Gonna leave my mac open to read your ish. lols.

    My boyfriend didn’t want to try your guide for beating Odin until he got fed up of dying 20 times. F*cking idiot. lol. xD