Gua Sha


Did this picture scare you? Don’t worry it not as horrible as it looks. My good friend Ray studies Chinese medicine and alternative treatments; after discussing for a while about my health, he decided to perform gua sha on me.

I was a bit scared at first: it did look painful but as soon as he started, I surprised how non-painful it was. Afterwards, I felt very relaxed and mellow, which is something I haven’t felt for a while.

The red marks should fade in a few days. Interestingly enough, he was able to tell a lot of things about my health, depending on the location of the marks and of their colour.

East Asian treatments sure are interesting!

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  • wow that looks painful, but well if you sure than you better your health good luck!

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  • hahahaha bah now you know you can practice on me: I’ve been converted!

  • From what Ray has explained to me, that’s exactly what it does! As far as back pain, it’s all gone!

  • I think it’s good to see more acceptance for alternative practices being, afterall, Chinese Medicine is at least 2000 years old!

  • Ray

    Hey Shmuberry thanks for posting this up!

    Throw anyone interested my way, I could use some practice. Like your dad.  Hahaha.

  • I’ve always found gua sha fascinating and I know some people swear by it especially if they’ve got the flu or something…it’s supposed to remove toxins? I’ve never tried it personally, though

  • That’s really interesting, I had seen the jar treatment before which I guess from wikipedia is related but not that one.

    I’ve had back problems recently and gone to a medical massage place and it did help.  It’s funny since in America it’s still considered alternative medicine and some insurance plans don’t cover it but in Japan NHS does….I think a lot of alternative practices are slowly being backed up by research though.

  • When I saw it at first, I thought it would be painful but Ray is a good friend, and he said it wasn’t going to be painful and he was right 🙂 During the procedure, I was even laughing because I’m really ticklish haha

  • Lena Tallina

    I had no idea what Gua Sha was before your post, and then went on to research it a bit, so thank you for teaching me something new!
    And it does look painful, haha. But interesting!

  • Oh I’ve heard of that movie, I should check it out! For sure these type of marks create misunderstandings: a lot of reactions I got on FB, Twitter and Instagrams were shock. My friends thought I had gotten hurt or thought it was a painful proceadure. Oh well, won’t stop me from wearing a tank top today~

  • it is! if you get the change, give it a try!

  • I find the marks really fascinating too: they don’t hurt but they are kinda cool to look at!

  • Oh wow I had never heard of this before it sounds really interesting 🙂

  • Haruka

    Niiiice 😀 There’s an english movie about Gua Sha that’s pretty good. (it might just be named that…) It’s about this chinese family living in the states and the grandfather comes from China to visit. While visiting, the child of the family fell sick and the grandfather performed gua sha on him. Kid got into a bit of an accident and went to the hospital. The doctors saw the gua sha marks, had no clue what it was and thought it was child abuse. Problems ensues.

    watch it sometimes if you have time 🙂
    btw, I LOVE ur hair.

    mad love,

  • The picture is rather fascinating actually. Gua Sha sounds really interesting – something I’d probably would be up to trying out.