Janna Cosplay Progress: Painting the Breasplate

Hi everyone! I made this video to show my progress on one of the costumes I’m working on, Janna from League of Legends!
The breastplate is made out of Worbla. It’s my first time working with this material and the breasplate was the first thing I made. Looking at it now, and having done other things with Worbla, I would have done it differently. Nonetheless, I’m very proud of how it turned out. It’s just how cosplayers are, we look at our work; we are satisfied but we wished we could make this or that better hahaha
A lot of my learning material came from the wonderful Kamui Cosplay, the queen of Armor making. I don’t think I would have challenged myself without seeing her updates everyday on Facebook πŸ™‚
I can’t wait to finish this costume and show you all the finish product!
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  • soo coool! I love looking at progress videos and pictures!! =D you did such an amzing job, I’ve been following your fb page for all those shoot pictures!

  • B3yondplaying(mike)

    Hey!!! Looking good with the Janna cosplay, my Lee Sin cosplay is going well, just missing a bald hair… anyways πŸ™‚ keep it up, try to find the Blind Monk at Otakuthon πŸ˜› hahahaha and ill try to find you πŸ˜› thou it’s hard when im going to be blind hahahaha

  • Gen

    I want to try Worbla or any other thermoplastics eventually but so far my costume choices haven’t required it haha You make it look easy to work with but I bet it’s not -__-

  • It is! I’ve never invested this much in a cosplay before but I’m happy because its so durable, ill be able to wear it often πŸ˜€

  • It looks great! I’ve rly been wanting to try out Worbla but it’s so expensive ;_;