Katsucon 2015


Ever since MCC ended – I have been looking forward to Katsucon, like a child looks forward to Christmas. With Aree, Lolipuff and Vilya, we started planning our trip months ago. This time around, we chose to drive in (instead of flying in) and to stay extra days to accommodate our long travel hours.

We arrived on Thursday night, after nearly 12 hours of driving – thought I didn’t drive, I took my DJ role very seriously. I was quite annoyed when my Itunes match got disabled the minute we crossed the border and ended up busting my American plan over re-downloading my music but oh welp… it’s not like I was going to listen to nothing for 12 hours. We did our best to minimize stops – American fast food no long impresses us.

Since we couldn’t finish our Love Live cosplays (damn you Canada Post) I decided to stick to cosplays that I had completed months ago and I believe this is what made my Katsucon, once again, really enjoyable! My fellow Idolm@ster girls changed their plans so I ended up not wearing Miki but I was quite happy wearing my new and revamped Zatanna.

On Friday, we headed out to the con quite early and were luckily able to obtain our badges really fast – unfortunately, I hear it was very problematic this year again for a lot of people 🙁 Then off to the con floor we went! I was happy mingling and meeting friends I hadn’t seen in a long time – or friends I had until now only talked online.

1959525_784962658207409_350489349439076024_nPhoto by Beat Down Boogie

KiraKira Cosplay was particularly ravishing with her Armoured Little Ponies, I had to contain myself when saying hi to her >_<” I have so much respect for her work and the quality of her craftmanship, it was hard not to fangirl when finally meeting her!

Vickybunnyangel also had a wonderful group of Sailor Senshi designed by NoFlutter

10985592_819321934809269_6778383552091177143_oPhoto by Flutter Tee Photography

It was hard to take my eyes of such wonderful groups. When people say “Cosplayers bring their A-Game at Katsucon” they really mean it. Everyone looks so amazing <3

I ended up having a lot of fun taking pictures here and there as well as helping friends with their shots. Eventually I had my share of the con (and the corset) for the day so I headed to my room and met Gina at hers. We had planned to head out to a party but ended up drinking wine and helping Mao-chan with her castanic cosplay. I had a lot of fun sewing her panties and wearing them on my head… of course.

10389652_10205197814678349_823675577245738917_nPhoto by Alpha Neko

On Saturday, I wore Zatanna again; running around with friends, photographers, videographers. Finally, my partner, Nathan DeLuca, met me in his Robin cosplay but quickly change – in a Ironman cosplay haha. We were supposed to meet for the DC meetup but I suddenly felt ill and faint so I headed back to my room and rested for a bit. We then changed into Eternal Sailor Scouts, a much more comfortable cosplay and proceeded to twerk on everything that moved.

Rolled saturday night, we made our way to Nando’s, as the Katsucon traditions oblige and indulged in delicious spicy chicken. All while we were planning on what parties to attend – we noticed the strong winds outside and got word that the Gaylord was not letting people out because of the weather. I’m not sure if this was ever true but it sure made us reconsider partying our butts off. We decided to rest our tired butts instead and headed back to our room, with Flaming-Goddess and joked around until no one could stand up.

10996542_1050636881628417_6724273918848485414_nPhoto by Eminence Rain

On Sunday, we geared up in Sailor Scouts again and decided it was time for the twerking scouts to make one last appearance at Katsucon. We crashed a lot of cosplay footage (sorry not sorry) and had a lot fun teaching Mao-chan how to twerk (results: she can!). The adorable CosplayGhouls were one of our unfortunate twerk victims… or maybe they rather enjoyed it?

We then had a late lunch at Nando’s (again) and I started feeling faint again so I went to bed and rested for a while. I ended up missing a dinner party but oh welp; you’re no good company when you feel ill… I needed to rest before leaving on Monday morning for the long ride back home.

Overall, I had a wonderful time at Katsucon. While I hate comparing a convention to a previous, I find that my time at Katsucon this year was much tamer, with no wild parties but I still had a wonderful time. Katsucon is one of those conventions where I know I will have fun <3

Bonus pro:

  • My roomies! I can’t stress how smoothly everything was because I had such wonderful roomies. Everyone was on the same wavelenght. I had roomed with Aree and we are quite closed (so much, we want to live together >>) and Lolipuff and Vilya are just good friends of mine so it made everything so much easier as we all automatically agreed on everything.
  • Weather: compared to last year, I thought the weather was quite nice. Sure, it was cold and windy but hey – no snow. Aree and I found ourselves running to our hotel (no coasts – too hardcore) so I can only hope next year will be warmer!
  • Food: we saved a bunch of money on restaurants because we hoarded on food like granola and yogurt in our hotel room (yay mini fridges). We also found ourselves eating a lot less junk food… I’m looking at your Ackson!


  • Staff: while the Katsucon staff is nice and polite, they were quite uninformed when it came to photography policies. I had studied the rules on the website to avoid any trouble (something every cosplayer should do ). However,  twice we were warned by staffers, BECAUSE WE WERE FOLLOWING THE RULES. When showing them and quoting them the actual rules, they would just say “oh well pack up and go check with Press” uh no. We’re in the middle of a shoot, we’re timed. You’re the one who’s unsure about the rules… you go check with Press and let us know. Once, while shooting with DarkainMX from Cospix.net, a staffer told us HANDHELD EQUIPMENT was not allowed! I was appalled and told him that it was not what was stated in the rules and he very rudely said: ” oh really – do you want me to call this in?” to which I replied : “actually yes”. Thankfully, Attendee Services Deputy Director Fuzz walked by and we explained the situation and he told the staffer I was correct: handheld equipment is allowed. Fuzz had the staffer apologize to us and to Eleventhphotograph that was shooting nearby for wrongly giving us a warning. I can’t imagine how many photographers were distraught when told that they couldn’t use handheld equipment… Katsucon has improved their photography policies, however they need to train their staff accordingly otherwise, we are just running around in circles!!
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