Lilac Dream

I’m not going to lie, going lilac was a bold and ambitious move. I had grown attached to my pink hair but realised that I was ready for something else… besides, every other day, someone would come up to me and tell me about some other girl’s pink hair they saw….

At the end of November, I asked Noah from Paris Coiffure to bleach my hair as white as possible; we both thought it was going to be easy but we were so wrong! Given I had been dying my hair pink for a year, we knew there was going to be a lot of colour deposit but we didn’t know how stained my hair was! In the end, there was still some pink left but after some toner, it was faded and would be barely noticeable under a purple colour.

after the bleach: still a bit pink.

I was in a hurry to dye my hair: I didn’t want to have pink/silver ish hair so I used Manic Panic Ultra Violet since my La Riche Directions’ hadn’t arrived yet. It really helped kill some of the pink that was left in my hair and gave it a nice lavender shade!

using Ultra Violet: I was hospitalized later that day for the crazy rash you can see on my face and arms 🙁

The color was nice but I wasn’t quite what I was aiming for: too pink, not lilac enough so when the La Riche Direction dyes arrived, I dyed my hair again, this time using a whole jar of Lilac!

using Lilac: uneven due my hair not being white everywhere, but still quite nice!
I then realized how painfully hard it was to maintain purple hair: pink hair was a breeze when I look back! With pink hair, I would go at least 4 weeks without touching up my colour because it was fading and uneven. With purple hair, I can’t go beyond 3 weeks because by week 3, the colour is extremely faded and uneven! So I decided to use La Riche Directions in Violet and added some Manic Panic in Shocking Blue and the result was really nice! A bit dark but if there is one thing that’s true for all funky hair colours: IT WILL FADE!

very dark and even! Guaranteed to last longer!! 😀

11 days later, it was still looked A-MA-ZING for New Year’s Eve!

In the end, lilac hair is a lot more challenging compared to pink hair and I will definitely be blogging more extensively about it once I’m done experimenting with dyes and ratios. Which shade do you like the most?  🙂
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  • Gen

    Ah well, it’s alright! At least it gives me a good idea of how bad it is 🙂

  • your timing couldn’t be more unfortunate; I JUST dyed it back to pink last week. Purple hair is a nightmare to maintain! 😡

  • Gen

    This is really interesting! I want to dye my hair dark purple (ala Katy Perry in her Wide Awake video), so I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog posts on lilac/purple hair.

  • J’ai toujours trouvé que les cheveux courts c’étaient vraiment TOI 😀 Sinon j’ai trouvé un bon site pour La Riche Directions! Je te link ça si ça t’intéresse! Sinon je viens de commander du Special Effects pour essayer leur violets, on verra bien!

  • thank you! My coworkers are always amused when they see how my hair colour changes! I’m often asked: “did you change your hair? It looks lighter!” and I reply ” Nope, just washed it haha”

  • thank you!!!

  • MY hair turns grey-ish lilac when it’s time to touch up my colour 🙂 This is probably due to the toner my hairdresser applied and my continuous use of Daddyo shampoo! 

  • Both colours look great – and so did the blonde! I feel your pain about the colour fading. I like having the old colour show through though. All the streaks and points of colour I did last year eventually turned my hair into a rainbow! I think it adds more character to your style too!

  • Josyanne Maheu

    J’ai toujours adoré le rose sur toi, mais ça faisait longtemps que je me disais que tu devais essayer le lilas et j’adore ! C’est doux, j’aime vraiment ça en fin de compte 😉 De mon côté, j’ai abandonné le rose l’été passé et je suis maintenant aux cheveux courts style bobcut… Je me suis rappelée pourquoi j’adorais les cheveux plus court 😉

  • No matter what the shade of purple was, your hair looked amazing!!

  • awww maybe one day you can? 😀

  • thank you 😀

  • yay! thanks! 😀

  • I really like this colour on you, a little more than the pink =]

  • You suit this colour so much!! 😀 😀

  • I loved your pink hair, but the purple looks even more incredible. I’m a little bias though since I would love to dye my hair purple but can’t because of my current job.

  • Whoa, it looks amazing on You!! I love it! :DD I also really really like gray-lilac kind of color (like this: I`ve seen on online girls, I wish I had the guts to get it.