Montreal Comic Con 2015

Where to begin – Montreal Comic Con was a roller coaster of emotions, thrills and adventures. I had been excited about MCC for a while. It’s been some time that I almost only exclusively read comics, making MCC so much more excited than any other conventions!

I had been working on all week so I arrived late Friday night to our hotel, which I was sharing with Aree, Nayel-ie and her boyfriend. As per tradition, Aree and I ordered some Saint-Hubert and called it a night.

Saturday was the big day, I got suited it in Katniss and on my way to sign up for the masquerade. On my way, I stopped by Weapon check to get it approved. Little did I know, I was off to a really bad start… As I was explaining to a volunteer that I had designed the bow in a way that it was too tight to shoot anything and that the string was purely decorative, he pulled on it with all his strength! It caused the bow crack down in the middle! I lost it! I made a scene but he said he couldn’t approve it “because he was able to pull on the string”. I started to yell so the Master of Weapons, Aaron, got into it after almost 20 mins and simply said “obviously if it cracks down the middle, it can’t handle one pound of tension which is what we want so it’s alright, I approve of this”. I still complained about the fact that they broke my bow – not even 5 minutes I had walked in the convention center but they could barely muster an apology.


I rushed to the masquerade sign-up room but, of course, the women right before me… grabbed the last entry. I left defeated and angry. I had worked so hard on Katniss for so long… to not be able to enter the masquerade because I was late… because some jerk broke my bow on purpose… it all sucked! After wallowing for a bit in a corner, I ranted on my personal Facebook and it caught the eye of friend who works for MCC who brought it to the attention of the Masquerade Director. The Masquerade Director decided that if the Master of Weapons was not going to make it right by me, he would. And so, this is how I was able to get into the Masquerade after all!


The green room was great! A lot of times, green room lack organization and are too long for our own good but it started later, giving us time to do other things. During the day, I was able to shoot with Pithier Photography and Theorem Productions! Having the masquerade later made Saturday not just about the masquerade anymore.

Finally, when it actually was my turn on stage, something magical happened…

Funny story about that skit. I had that track planned for 3 months but over the last 4 weeks I thought it was not good enough so I had 2 more and I was stuck with 3 audio tracks for a hypothetical masquerade… so the night before masquerade, I bothered my friends asked their opinions. Are, Ray, Nathan, Olivia, Alexia, Jaspinder, Elisabeth and many more. I owe this one to you all! When I got on stage, I just had in mind that I would lipsing, salute, maybe do something with my bow and bounce. But then… I saw the hands saluting back, I almost lost it! All I could think about was “OK WHAT IS HAPPENING… THIS IS HAPPENING. KEEP SINGING. OK. ARROW. BOW. POSE. OK. WOW. SALUTE “


I really didn’t see it coming!

Sunday, Aree and I went for dim sum to start out the day just right and we spent most of our days just picking around with friends :3


I nervously attended the awards ceremony. I was so pleased that all my friends won an award! I was extremely surprised when I was awarded the Best Evocation Prize for my presentation and a Special Ninja Award for Best Ninja Use!

As usual, I had a wonderful time at Montreal Comic Con. Like any cons, it had some downs… but the ups were so phenomenal it makes everything else seems like white noise À l’année prochaine, MCC !


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