My first Shibuya 109 loot!

It’s here! It’s finally here!

Recently I tweeted that I ordered something from Yumetembou using Japonica and here’s that I got!

I only ordered one item since I wanted to try out before I order a lot of items. In August there is Otakuthon (which I’m preparing cosplays for right now x.X) AND Montreal Matsuri. If you want more info on the Matsuri, check their website and Facebook event!


This is the item I ordered.

I’m not exactly sure how exactly you call those type of yukata so let’s just call it shorts yukata for now…

This is a jinbei, according to Ria! Thanks!

I like wearing a yukata for the Matsuri and during the event, you can rent one but I’ve been wanting one for a while and then I fell in love with this one! It has Kitty all over it!! *.* I remembered Mistu at Universal-Doll talked about Japonica so I gave it a try~

I’m sooooooo happy with the service! They contact you by e-mail, which is something I prefer when buying something online: I like to talk to a real human being behind a computer. This way, I asked questions and the Japonica staff replied quickly. It was very reassuring! The parcel was also marked as a gift so no taxes =D

P28-07-10_13.01[03]close up of the pattern

I will absolutely order more items from Yumetembou now that I know their sizing is good for me~ I know it’s not the top brand of gyaru fashion, but who said I was gyaru anyway? =P I also scanned the 8 pages flyers Yumetenbou sent in case you are interested: June and July. (if reposted somewhere else, please link back!!)

P28-07-10_13.02 P28-07-10_13.01[02]
sin make-up pictures, I was too excited to write this post ASAP,
I didn’t bother with make-up and hair lol

Did you notice how my phone matches the jinbei?? 8D

ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY: I did not forget, don’t worry!

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  • Bonita Vear

    Yeah, she is so awesome. I was introduced to Hime Gyrau through her and I am really loving it although I have not tried it properly myself yet. >>’ I am too chicken!! TT_TT

    b. of Depict This!

  • Shmoo

    Yay! I thought you had given up on us, your English readers!!

    I thought the bow looked adorable on you! You should really wear it outside!! Hehe and your son is soooo cute!! He’s good looking, like his mother!

  • shanna

    aww thats looks so cute♥
    and thank you for your comment ^^
    maybe i will write the “interesting” parts in my stupid english XD
    but in my last post i only talkt about my first time with my scarf doing a hari bow and i am affraid of wearing it outsite..maybe i would wear it when i lose 16 kg xD
    and then i talked about that my fav pictures the puctures are with my son xD
    and then i only showed from my love the picture what i mostly like and from my best friend XDD so nothing special

    and google translater would give really bad translation back ^^; because i write an other way of german. so with the mostly words the translator cannot understand them XD

  • Shmoo

    Hmm actually I ordered from the rakuten shop, I found it easier to navigate XD

  • Shmoo

    aww thank you!! I’m sure you’ll find a jinbei that’ll fit you =D

    and I’m so happy you found my blog through Violet’s ! I love her blog and she’s the sweetest blogger around <3 It's kinda an honor to be found through her blog!!

  • Bonita Vear

    Your jinbei is desu kawaii!! Very, very cute. You look great in it, even without the makeup. >w< ~ <3 I wish I could fit into one... -__-' I need something cute to wear around in summer. Oh, I should introduce myself ne? I found your blog through Violet LeBeaux’s site and thought your blog looked really cute and interesting. I think I shall follow you! ^^ xox,
    b. of Depict This!

  • lacosta

    aww~ that jinbei looks lovely! As soon as I have some more money I’ll try ordering from Yumetenbo again! (so you ordered from the official website? Not the rakuten-shop?) 😛

  • Shmoo

    Thanks!! =D I remember when I wore a yukata at the first Matsuri… it was wayyyy too hot!

    I sooo ordering using Japonica again =D

  • Mitsu

    omg it looks absolutely adorable on you! Looks so much more comfortable that a yukata, too! I remember the issues I had when doing a yukata, so much work. LOL

    So glad you enjoyed Japonica, they rock 😀

  • Angela

    Thanks by the way.
    The jinbei is very cute!~

  • Shmoo

    No it’s not =(
    My best friend who’s studying in Japan right now helped me with the mesurements and all

  • Shmoo

    Hmm last time I was mesured I was 173cm and I don’t think that has changed! I’m also asize 7 when it comes to pants and for tops I’m between XS and S!

  • Shou-chan

    this is really cute!!

    you said the sizing of yumetembou is good for you? may I ask you how tall you are?
    because I am always unsure if the clothes would fit me..^^


  • Angela

    Is the yumetembou site avaliable in english?

  • Thanh Thao

    Wow, this is really lovely!! 🙂

  • Shmoo

    I know!! =D
    You should check out Yumetenbou’s jinbei! They have some at 2000Y ! I’m thinking of getting more, they are sooooo cute and comfy!
    Hope you have fun at bon odori! Make a post about it! I wanna see pics of you in a yukata !! =D

  • Glo-w

    Kawaii-ne~ can double as PJs too!
    I wanted to get a jinbei for bon odori here in Malaysia, but couldnt find one so got a yukata instead ^^

  • Shmoo

    hehe! I love himegyarus <3

  • fuyume

    awww thankyou so much 4 following me (gives u big cyberhug) 🙂

  • Shmoo

    thank you !! I def’ recommend you use Japonica^^ Let me know what items you’ll get =D

    you’re blog is awesome as well! *follows*

  • fuyume

    awesome blog. Might try ordering from there too. u look cute xxx

  • Shmoo

    thanks! that’s the name I was looking for!
    and it’s also worn during matsuri ;D

  • Ria

    It’s actually a jinbei, not a yukata ^^;

    It’s a pyjama (or very casual house wear when you don’t feel like getting dressed)