New hair regimen

* Disclaimer: While my blog is often a source for pink hair advice – this post discusses taking dietary supplements. Before making the decision to take any of the mentioned supplements, please check with your doctor πŸ˜‰

IMG_1020Well it’s not a secret that I chopped my hair off last summer. And once again in November…. however how I am suffering from the incurable syndrome of “omg I want my long hair back”! So I decided to take my hair regimen out of the window and do a little bit of research on how I could improve my hair growth since it’s never been really good before…

First, I talked to one of my colleague. She has beautiful, long red hair and pointed me in the direction of Biotin supplements. It helps keep her hair long and strong.

A lack of biotin would not be crazy – I’ve been working a lot and not eating really well. So a supplement was the way to go – after getting the ok from my doctor. After doing a bit of research, it appeared that these were the most popular supplements with the most positive reviews ( NOT from Facebook ads *cough*)…

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Β Natrol Biotin Maximum StrengthΒ &Β Phytophanere Dietary Supplement

Here are the benefits reported for both supplements;

In short – both supplement bring to your body Biotin, Calcium, Vitamin A, B & C and some omegas. In the end, all that helps with hair growth and nail growth.

I’ve been taking these for a month now and I’m happy to say that I’ve noticed a difference both in my hair and my nails. My hair has grown approx~ 3-4 cm in a month and my nails have been breaking less (albeit my nails will always break – work hazard).

Overall – I would say ; yes, biotin supplements work for me! The growth is not quite noticeable at first so it takes patience but it’s slowly noticeable and I can’t wait to share with you progress pictures when it becomes quite apparent πŸ™‚

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