Rapunzel Rose

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So I finally got around buying myself extensions and I decided to go with Headkandy: I was looking for lenght and volume and from reviews I’ve read, they seemed to be exactly what I was looking for!

Obviously, no one makes pink hair extensions so I ordered my in “Bunny Blonde” and dyed them pink!

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Of course, it’s always really hard to get the exact same pink shade twice so my extensions are a little bit darker then the rest of my hair. I think washing them a second time will help get the colour right but I was so excited to wear them, that it didn’t really matter how accurate the shade was haha They also feel quite heavy on my head… 180 grams of hair isn’t exactly light but I’ll get used to it again!

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  • thank you!! =D

  • Wow, they look great on you! 😀

  • You should try… if you work/school allows it !! 😀

  • My hair is already damaged from all the bleaching and dying so I doubt that even if it were to reach that lenght it would be pretty… yay for extensiosn! The top is from F21 but I modified it a bit and added some studs

  • I read about it =) I’m not planningon wearing them everyday anyway: they kinda get in the way of work haha

  • yes! tho you gotta give your scalp a break too if it’s too much!

  • thank you!!

  • Wow, the extensions are so long! You look lovely 😀

  • So pretty!! I want to have pink hair! The extensions had so much volume, it’s worth carrying the extra weight around me thinks hehe

  • lovely hair!! although i read that hair extensions can cause balding? like when ur hair gets too unnaturally heavy for the scalp. pls read on that. 😀

  • varisvarjo

    Oh my goooooooosh you look so pretty! *___* Your hair is amazing! I really liked it without the extensions too but that length is just perfect! That’s what I’m aiming at too right now, but I guess naturally they will never look as thick (though I have very thick hair….) Awww I’m so stunned….. Now I really feel the urge to dye my hair in a flashy color too *sigh* Every time I look at pictures of girls with pretty, colorful hair I get that feeling! It’s really an inspiration!

  • Candace Van Hulle

    The extensions look great! I love long hair, but my hair doesn’t seem to be as healthy once it gets to a certain length – may have to think about getting them in the future (it means that I could also experiment with shorter hair).

    I also really like that white top! Where did you get it?