Server maintenance

Is this an OOTD post? Oh my. I’ve been playing Diablo III like a maniac since it came out and I haven’t paid much attention to my looks these days. There was a server maintenance this morning so I decided to brave the sun and go for a walk.


Top: Les Cours Mont-Royal
Shorts: Dynamite
Sandals: Sping

Casual is good. No make-up, messy hair and a comfy is always a winning combination, as long as you add wedged sandals!

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  • Haha that happens allot to me, forgeting to dress up overall comb my hair sometimes haha. Me and my boyfriend can sit for hours sometimes a whole day 24 h playing world of warcraft 😀 When ewe finally manage to get out our eyes hurts allot 🙂 haha. Well anyway as long as we have fun. Huggles to you pretty gal

  • one of the best smiles youve posted of yourself. 

    good stuff.