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Hey everyone! I’m back from Anime North and wow! I had so much fun! I will most definitely do a report later on but for now, I feel the need to rant on something totally not related to Anime North.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people asking for money for things related to cosplay or convention activities. The latest example on my feed is a photographer who takes pictures for free who is currently having camera issues. The camera needs repair which will be costly and is now reminding people of the pictures he took of them for years and pleading to have donations in “exchange for the sentimental value they hold for the pictures”

What a load of bullshit.

Bro, if you want money for your art, you ask before you snap. Otherwise, don’t come asking for some when shit hits the fan. Call me cold hearted but this is a thing call life: shit happens. I got my own life here and I’m not about to bail you out for something so superficial.

Two months ago, my dear sewing machine broke down. One thing you did not see me do is go on my social media and plead for donations to get it repaired. Or remind photographers how my cosplay helped them get traffic on their pages or how popular some of their pictures got because of me so they should help me out. Nope. We brought my sewing machine to a repair shop (really far to my place btw), patiently waited for all the parts to be in and got it repaired. It was really expensive but I didn’t cry to anyone for money.

I was raised in a way that if you need something, you work for it. I come from a family where people have made their own successes by working hard, not by getting hand outs. Yeah, life sucks sometimes but you work at it. If you can’t afford your hobby then you need to revisit your life choices, grow the fuck up and stop asking people for cash.

So for the love of God, stop asking for hand outs. You want money? Work for it, sell prints, show us what you are worth and not just “I’m cute / useful to the community, please gimme 20$”

Because I’m hot and I would totally need 5000$.


but not really.

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