Three Construction Notes (Ver. 1)


Three, from the video-game Drakenguard 3, is my most ambitious cosplay. The idea of cosplaying this came from Mao-chan, last year. She is a BIG FAN of the series for a long time. When the new game was announced and the character design was slowly revealed, she started lookling into forming a group. I jumped on the occasion: it looked complicated and I wanted a challenge!

The dress itself is rather simple. I completed this with the help of my mother in a week-end; my sewing machine was in repair so we sewed at her place in Sutton. We used a prom dress pattern. The black corsage is made out of black peau de soie I bought in Toronto and the lilac damask pattern fabric was actually custom design with the help of my friend Eru. If you would like to buy this fabric for your own Three cosplay, I’ve made it available  on Spoonflower (you’re welcome! :D)

The challenging part of this cosplay was the ARMOUR. OH MY GOD.

I am quite confident in my armour making skills but making a full leg armor that doesn’t hinder movement *too much* is challenging. The knee cover were easy to make but were a challenge to attach to my legs. Having worn the costume once, I want to revisit those again.

IMG_0482 IMG_0503

Once my patterns were completed, I assembled everything using worbla and foam. For the leg armor, I insisted on hiding the seams, inspired by Coregeek. Using wood filler, I covered the seam and sanded it down before  covering the whole thing with black gesso, sanded again, then applied wood glue — before more sanding. Once I was satisfied with the smoothness, I applied half beads and covered them with one last layers of wood glue. Three’s armor is covered in rivets so I used fake pearls stickers that I found at Dollorama.

I chose to paint the whole armor using spray paint to avoid brush strokes and painted the silver details with a small brush. I tried adding some dark grey shadows on some parts of the armour but it barely made a difference… haha black armours are so flat!!

IMG_0537 IMG_0577

In the end, I’m very happy with the way this costume turned out for Anime North. I’m definitely going to redo my whole straps system tho: by the end of the day, some of my armor where falling out (but that’s my fault, I was out of D-rings so I experimented… didn’t work out so well XD). Also one thing I learned: black armour… don’t do in the sun.

Anime North is a convention where most people hang outside… heck I didn’t even have a badge this year. It was incredibly hot and some part of my armour ended up heating up and somewhat melting! ahhh! This is worbla we are talking about so I can reheat it and give it the shape I want but it was quite surprising! I definitely plan on staying inside at Otakuthon… it’s not like I can really walk a lot in this armour anyway ^^”

In any case! I have quite a bit of work before Otakuthon! On top of reworking Three, I working on completing both Eternal Sailor Venus, Miki Hoshii Luxury costume and maybe one secret cosplay~ Wish me luck!


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