hey everyone~ it’s been a while~

I’m in the middle of finals and wow… I just want it to end! I’ve never been good at exams so I’m glad most of my course have evaluations that require me to write research studies and essays… so the exams aren’t worth too much. Still, it’s very stressful since my memory is just so bad now. Β sigh

ANYWAY. It seems I will be going to Anime North this year! Mao-chan convinced me and I gave in πŸ™‚ it would be a shame to let a bad memory of AN make me not go back. Besides, I really want to see all my Toronto friends and after all these finals, I really need a con to get ready for!

I’ve also got news that my Taobao order is on its way! My agent, Cici from Taobaospree.com was kind enough to send me preview pictures of my order! I’m really looking forward to receiving everything!!

Both the boots and the jacket were custom made and look wonderful from the photos. Of course, I’ll do a review once I get everything.

It’s the first time I buy a cosplay and I didn’t expect myself to be this excited over it. I have to admit I have been quite judgemental of cosplays that were not “handmade” in the past but I’ve totally changed my mind about that, not only because I’m purchasing one now but also over the years, I’ve met a lot of cosplayers. Everyone has their reasons to craft or to buy things. I bought these AoT items because I couldn’t be bothered to make a jacket, belt system and boots. Simple as that.

I’m lazy. lol

I’m still looking forward to crafting my other cosplayers for AN and making a 3D manoeuvre gear~

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