White Hair

I’ve been through a lot of hair change lately. Getting rid of my pink hair in august left me with platinum, beige hair. It was nice but it wasn’t great. For a while, I tried to keep it the “less yellow” possible by using Lush’s Daddy-O but the shampoo only tones moderately.

In November, I started working on my Daenery cosplay and I decided to use my own hair (also because I didn’t want to but a front-lace wig just yet). The need to whiten my hair was real!

I use 3 products; Clairo Shimmer Lights  Shampoo, Conditionner and Fanci-full Rinse #42 Silver Lining. The first two are very strong purple toning shampoo that took my hair from a light yellow to white in one use. Leave it on too long, and your hair will turn slightly lilac (this is what a lot of people use to get their hair to lilac). I like the use the Silver Lining rinse to had some silver tones, sometimes just go full on gray. It’s not permanent and washes after a few days but it’s a fun colour.

I’m thinking of changing it up soon tho~

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