Zatanna Zatara – Construction Notes


I’ve been a fan of Zatanna for a long time. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the first comic book characters I feel in love with: she so witty, smart, strong and intelligent. I’m so proud to say I own all 16 volumes of her series + and the alternate covers ! I’m not much of a collector but when it comes to Zatanna, I get a bit crazy.

I had originally cosplayed Zatanna back in 2012 in a very last minute cosplay and I decided that she was worth a proper hommage.

I kept the corset I had used in 2012 – I had originally bought it on ebay – slightly modified it so it would fit me better. The shoes are actually my high school uniform shoes (!!!) which are well over 10 years now… The blouse and the bow tie are my pieces of old bartending uniform.


For the jacket, I used Simplicity #2525 pattern. I LOVE this pattern – it was really easy to follow and I made the jacket in one day. I realized that I used the wrong collar pattern but it didn’t bother me so much… one day I will go back and the one I meant to use. On the back on the jacket, I decided to add a “butt bow” since I really like the jacket material I had picket and I thought that bows just look nice on everything and everyone XD I added some dangly pearls and gems to the bow but it is barely noticeable ^^”

For the bottom, I used our Green Pepper pattern we used for our Sailor Moon leotards and transformed it into a high waisted panty – so I can tuck in my shirt under the corset.

For the gloves, I cut long white gloves I had around the house, sew a lace trim on them and added cute gold buttons with gems.

Finally, Β for the flower, I used scraps of heavy matte satin Aree and Lolipuff left at my house when we were working on Sailor Moon and made a rose ^^!

As for the top hat, I ordered it from the lovely hat makers at Patterns of Time and the wig if a Black Matilda from Arda Canada!


I hope this is everything you’ve wanted to know about how I made my Zatanna cosplay! I hope to make from cosplay of her in the future! πŸ˜€

Photo credits: Eleventh Photograph, DarkainMX , Novii

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